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reviewed for accuracy on april 9 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm despite the issue of declawing cats being controversial in the veterinary and feline world there is still a huge population of declawed cats out thereespecially in shelters and if you end up adopting one of these previously declawed cats as a new addition to your family you will want to make special considerations to help make them comfortable feline toe amputation is a barbaric procedure with no medical justification it should never… read more

you may have heard the myth that when a dog sits or lies on top of your feet that he is trying to dominate you but nothing could be further from the truth many dogs form a strong bond with their owners wherever the owner goes the dog follows whenever the owner sits down their dog lies down or sits on or by their feet this is an indication of the strong relationship you have with your dog but there can also be other reasons why your dog sits on your feet and they happen under certain… read more

by dr jennifer coates dvm updated by dr katy nelson dvm on april 24 2020 in this article theres no evidence that pets are playing a role in spreading covid19 there are a few reports of pets being infected with the virus that causes covid19 after being in contact with people who were positive for covid19 canine and feline coronavirus are not the same as covid19 people cannot catch canine and feline coronavirus monitor trusted news outlets for the latest updates centers for disease control cdc… read more

many dogs will experience dry skin itchy skin or some type of skin issue at one time or another whether its due to a change in weather or allergies when your pup is feeling itchy or their skin is irritated its natural to want to help them one athome remedy for itchy skin that can help your dog feel better is an oatmeal bath more consistent itching or hot spots will need a veterinarians expertise but if your dog only has minor itching or you notice some flaking in his coat an oatmeal bath is a… read more

puppies are constantly learning whether its from their environment from socializing with people or other animals or from direct training this creates a critical foundation that will set the stage for their adulthood providing puppies with the appropriate socialization and basic puppy training allows them to grow into confident adult dogs follow this stepbystep puppy training guide to set you and your puppy up for success when can you start training your puppy training a puppy starts as soon as… read more

every animal lover can admit that they get a little excited when they spot a dog out in public i mean theres a whole facebook group called dogspotting which is specifically dedicated to documenting said encounters well it turns out that our ups drivers have created a facebook group of their own to show their appreciation for the pups they see on their route prepare yourselfits pretty fantastic and contrary to the belief that all dogs hate mail carriers it turns out that plenty of dogs love… read more

overweight pets seem to get all the press these days but what about dogs on the other side of the spectrum some dogs have trouble keeping their weight up at a healthy level or have recently lost weight due to illness for example and need to gain it back when a dog is healthy getting them to gain weight can be as simple as feeding them a little bit more of their current diet this is usually the case for dogs that arent finicky and only need to gain a relatively small amount of weight at other… read more

reviewed for accuracy on november 15 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm nothing brings on the holly jollies like sharing the celebrations with a new puppy however its important to remember that puppies are as mischievous as they are adorable perhaps more than any other holiday christmas presents a host of potential puppy hazards from toxic foods to dangerous decor here are some holiday safety tips for celebrating your puppys first christmas 1 beware of the bar whether youre hosting or taking your puppy… read more

by now you have probably seen the viral video of cinderblock the overweight cat doing the absolute least when it comes to her exercise regime the video hit reddit and instantly went viral with cinderblock showing up on local and national news channels for her complete lack of commitment to her workout the 8yearold cat was surrendered to northshore veterinary hospital in bellingham washington after her owner could no longer care for her due to health issues and having to care for her father who… read more

dog training is an important part of being a responsible pet parent our dogs need to be given the tools they need to adapt and respond to any circumstance they are introduced to while everyone can agree that dogs need to be trained theres a tense debate about the best way to train dogs on one side of the argument you have positive reinforcement trainers that believe that dogs learn more effectively using only positive rewards for successful behaviors on the other side of the argument you have… read more

cats are typically considered to be independent creatures that will seek attention on their own terms most people think that cats are pretty indifferent to their caretakers and lead a pretty solitary life however a recent study has found this to very much not be the case researchers at oregon state university recently published a study in current biology in which they examined the bonds formed between cats and their humans they found that cats have the capacity to form attachments to their… read more

dogs have an excellent sense of smellat least 10000 times stronger than that of a human some scent hound breeds such as the bloodhound and beagle have as many as 225 million olfactory receptors due to their incredible sniffing abilities scent hounds are regularly used for hunting search and rescue and explosive detection recently there has been increased interest and research into how dogs can use their noses to help detect diseases here are the most recent developments in the science of… read more

with pets living longer than ever cancer has become a diagnosis that we see more commonly in older dogs the american veterinary medical association avma reports that one in four dogs will develop cancer at some time in their life and that 50 of pets over the age of 10 will develop cancer while there are treatments and methods for achieving remission or even curing cancer in dogs each case is different and the quality of life of the dog needs to be paramount however once treatment is no longer… read more

as your dog ages and their health declines it can be difficult to figure out when its the right time to put your dog down the quality of life scale allows you to evaluate your dogs wellbeing to help you make difficult endoflife care decisions originally known as the hhhhhmm scale this evaluation tool was created by dr alice villalobos dvm founder of pawspice a quality of life program for terminal petsas a scoring system for a pets life quality the scale gives you tangible ways to measure your… read more

image via istockcomnadisja by rebecca desfosse do you enjoy taking your dog on exciting adventures or do you just need a safe way to take her to the vet either way a good dog carrier is essential there are so many types of dog carriers available that its easy to get overwhelmed when trying to find the best carrier for your dog according to dog trainer and founder of fun paw care russell hartstein cdbc you dont have to worry about finding one perfect dog carrier that works for all situations… read more

image via istockcomwhitneylewisphotography by paula fitzsimmons if you plan to live with a parrot youll need to find ways to keep him occupied it is not natural for birds to do nothing at all if they are not doing something productive then they will find destructive behaviors to fill their time says dr kenneth welle a clinical assistant professor at the college of veterinary medicine at university of illinois at urbanachampaign boredom and improper socialization of pet parrots can result in a… read more

image via istockcomprofessor25 by kathy blumenstock its the least favorite part of cat parenting cleaning the cat litter box kitty can you please diy until that happens the emergence of selfcleaning litter boxes for cats creates an option to have the litter box itself clean up after your cat but are these selfcleaning litter boxes for cats really less work with multiple styles and designsincluding an actual flushitaway system from catgenie and everupdating versions there are plenty of options… read more

image via istockcomstevecoleimages by victoria schade admit ityoure reluctant to have friends over because your dogs greeting behavior is a bit embarrassing she jumps so high that shes nearly eyetoeye with your guests which might be okay with your kids friends but its a hazard when your great aunt visits this can leave pet parents in a tight spot when company comes over its difficult to balance being a good host and a dog trainer at the same time so what causes jumpy greetings and what can be… read more

image via istockcomzbynek pospisil by rebecca desfosse january is national train your dog month and theres no better way to celebrate the bond you have with your pup than by teaching him a few tricks in an exciting new way thats exactly why the association of professional dog trainers created the national train your dog month in 2010to remind pet owners to make training a part of everyday life with their dogs when it comes to training your dog there are a variety of cues you can use a cue is a… read more

image via istockcomgarysfrp the washington state department of transportation wsdot has been working to increase animal safety through the construction of wildlife overpasses and underpasses on busy highways according to the spokesmanreview wsdot has put into motion a billiondollar project to construct 20 animal crossings on the busy i90 interstate to help animals safely follow their natural migration patterns smithsonian magazine explains that the decision to construct underpasses and… read more

image via facebookjustice for buddy this week the illinois senate approved a bill that aims to protect pets against dangerous dogs by restricting the activities of dogs who are classified as dangerous as outlined in the bill in senate bill 2386 also known as the justice for buddy act a dog owner is classified as a reckless dog owner and thus penalized if their dog is deemed dangerous for killing another dog and is found running at large twice within 12 months of being deemed dangerous a dog may… read more

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physical characteristics the somali is endowed with more than its fair share of good looks it is an attention getter from the start an abyssinian with long hair often full at the chest and around the chin the area referred to as the ruff ending in a thick fluffy foxlike tail and topping with large foxlike ears if one judged by appearance the somali appears feral but one look into its eyes and it is clear that this cat has a lot more going on in its head than the average cat the somali is so… read more

image via istockcomgreenp by kenneth wingerter lighting is one of the most important components in a saltwater fish aquarium system this is particularly so if you keep photosynthetic organisms such as corals macroalgae and tridacnid clams the most effective marine aquarium lighting system is the one that is most controlled reef tank lighting schedule one of the major lighting parameters that is most commonly controlled is photoperiod put most simply in the context of an artificial environment… read more

dalmatians have become one of the most easily recognized dog breeds due to their unique coat and history their spotted coat which comes in both liver brown and black gives them a oneofakind look its no surprise that theyve been prominently featured in childrens movies this athletic and driven dog breed may be in the akc nonsporting group but dalmatians have a long history as carriage dogs who were in charge of protecting carriages and their horses they also became known as fire dogs starting… read more

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physical characteristics the american wirehair is medium to large in size with a well rounded body and large bright eyes that are round and slant upward on the outer corners it is found in a variety of colors and has a similar standard an abstract aesthetic ideal for the animal type as the american shorthair the mutation that causes the hair to be wiry is naturally occurring but must be encouraged since it is an incomplete dominant gene meaning that even when breeding two cats with wiry hair… read more