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company hills pet nutrition brand name hills prescription diet hills science diet recall date 3202019 in the united states the affected canned dog foods were distributed through retail pet stores and veterinary clinics nationwide no dry foods cat foods or treats are affected product hills prescription diet kd kidney care with lamb canned dog food 13 oz 12pack sku 2697 lot number 102020t25 product hills science diet id adult perfect weight chicken vegetable entree dog food 128 oz 12pack sku… read more

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company stokes healthcare inc brand name pilocarpine 01 ophthalmic solution recall date 3132019 product pilocarpine 01 ophthalmic solution lot number r180052 expiration date february 17 2019 the product is used to treat high intraocular pressure and is packaged in 10 milliliter droptainers it was distributed in alabama california colorado connecticut delware florida georgia iowa idaho illinois kansas kentucky louisiana massachusetts maryland michigan north carolina new jersey pennsylvania… read more

reviewed for accuracy on march 19 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm doctors and researchers are getting better all the time at detecting and treating all kinds of diseases conditions and ailments and over the years theyve gotten an assist from an unlikely allysniffer dogs research has shown that dogs highpowered noses have the capability to literally sniff out diseasesmost notably cancers such as bladder cancer prostate cancer ovarian cancer and lung cancer dr jennifer essler a postdoctoral fellow who… read more

reviewed for accuracy on march 19 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm if your dogs nose turns from its usual dark color to pink or brown specifically during the winter your dog may have what is commonly referred to as dog snow nose or winter nose the condition which is called hypopigmentation typically causes a dogs nose to lighten in colornormally to a pink or light brown the color the nose turns will depend on the original color of your dogs nose if your dog normally has a black nose it turns pink or… read more

the lagotto romagnolo is a sporting group dog breed whose history can be traced back to the middle ages in italys countryside bred originally as waterfowl retrievers the lagotta romagnolo became the goto dog breed for truffle hunting truffles are a type of fungi that are sold as pricey delicaciesa skill they still use today the lagotto romagnoloalso referred to as lagotto or lagotti for pluralis a rugged dog breed with an unmistakable curly coat lagotti are intelligent energetic and… read more

as many adults know caring for a pet is a rewarding and satisfying experience and adopting a pet that a child can also help take care of can be an enriching experience for your kid it teaches empathy and responsibility being responsible for another animal understanding that other things are relying on you to stay healthy and survive says dr laurie hess dvm and owner of the veterinary center for birds and exotics in bedford hills new york she adds many of these animals are very smart and will… read more

as reef aquarists progress in the hobby their eyes and hearts are drawn to increasingly unusual animals indeed after mastering the care of corals no small feat in itself one might find themselves looking for new challenges as well as novel species some species are not only desirable in their uniqueness but are also quite attractive among these some are even relatively hardy and easy to care for one such animal is the tube anemone what is a tube anemone so let us get one thing straight right… read more

reviewed for accuracy on march 12 2019 by dr jennifer coates dvm your dog never fails to make you smile with his silly antics he chases a tennis ball for hours on end and barks at every squirrel that enters his backyard he also loves to chase his tail an action that sends him spinning in dizzying circles he has to know that his tail is a part of his body so whats so interesting about it is it a normal dog behavior or the result of anxiety or something else why do dogs chase their tails is it… read more

reviewed for accuracy on march 12 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm while out on a walk you observe a dog retreat behind his owner with a growl when approached by another dog eventually a scuffle eruptsand thankfully the owners are able to pull the dogs away without serious incident in an ideal scenario a nervous dog who needs space will not be approached at all until hes ready to be social says tara palardy founder of the yellow dog project the yellow dog project is a global movement that helps… read more

reviewed for accuracy on march 11 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm when most pet owners think about dog parks they conjure up images of fencedin play areas where dogs roam free and have fun and in many respects thats true dog parks are a great way for wellsocialized healthy dogs to exercise offleash and interact with their own kind says dr jennifer coates a veterinarian based in fort collins colorado and while dog parks are generally fun places dog park accidents are not uncommon in fact according to… read more

do you ever wake up and find your cat lying on your chest staring right into your eyes or maybe you feel those green eyes boring a hole into your back as you are working on your computer what is your cat thinking about you have read that direct eye contact in the cat world is considered a threat so you may be wondering what did i do the answer may be nothing there are several different scenarios that might involve cats staring at youheres how you can tell the difference assess your cats body… read more

feeding your pets seems like such a simple process buy a bag of food and feed it to your pet right but do you really know what a guinea pig can eat it is a lot more complicated than just buying a bag of food guinea pigs have some very specific dietary needs and these may differ from their dietary wants add this to the fact that some guinea pig foods favor taste appeal over good nutrition which makes it difficult for pet parents to know if their pets are getting the nutrition they need to thrive… read more

image via istockcomgeorgepeters by victoria schade dog breed descriptions are almost like dating profiles pet parents want to match up with the best companion for their lifestyle that is why many pet parents rely on breed profiles to help them decide on important factors like a dogs workout requirements or their personality before committing to a forever relationship learning as much as possible about different dog breeds is a great way to help prevent bad matchups like a highdrive working dog… read more

as you go about your daily activities you might notice your dog quietly staring at you your first instinct might be to feel selfconscious is my hair hopelessly disheveled is there something stuck in my teeth but rather than assuming the worst when the question why does my dog stare at me runs through your head rest assured that your dogs stare is not a judgment of your personal appearance dogs have developed a close domesticated relationship with humans over thousands of years this relationship… read more

each time you come home it is heartwarming to be greeted enthusiastically by your dog at the door and each dogs greeting ritual is uniquesome dogs might wag their tail and lick their owners and other might jump on their owners or whine or bark at them in greeting one of the more quirky greetings is when a dog greets you with his favorite toy in his mouth if you have a dog that likes to offer dog toys to you upon your arrival home you may wonder why the answer may be a bit complicated because… read more

reviewed for accuracy on may 1 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm whether youre suffering from a sore back stiff shoulder or busy brain massage is one of the best ways for people to loosen up and relax but did you know that it can be beneficial for our fourlegged friends as well in veterinary medicine dog massage therapy is used as a complementary therapy to help treat health issues from arthritis to certain injuries how can dog massage therapy benefit your pet massage does wonders for dogs says becky… read more

dogs and cats eat bugs all the time either by accident or when their hunting instincts kick in but intentionally including insects in a pets dietthats a whole other hornets nest so to speak insects are not currently a permitted ingredient in commercial pet foods in the us however insectbased pet foods are making their way into the market in the uk germany france and italy depending on their success this could be the beginning of a new way of feeding our pets insects as the protein source in pet… read more

we love our dogs and cherish them as family members we take them to the veterinarians office when theyre sick buy them creature comforts and willingly pick up their poop weve also become connected with our dogs on such a deep emotional level that it can be hard to imagine our lives without them when was the last time though that you considered whether dogs could live without us could our dogs survive without us providing them with food shelter and love could they make it on their own in a… read more

hydrotherapy for dogs is a type of physical therapy where dogs perform certain exercises in water at a rehabilitation center under the supervision and direction of a certified hydrotherapist hydrotherapy for dogs can only be done at a rehabilitation clinic under the supervision of a certified hydrotherapist oftentimes after you receive a referral from your veterinarian do not attempt hydrotherapy for dogs on your own under any circumstance there are canine hydrotherapy centers popping up all… read more

are you one of those dog owners who says goodbye to your pets as you walk out the door dont be embarrassedyou are not alone why do many dog owners feel the need to say goodbye or tell their dogs that they will be back pet parents will say goodbye to their pets mostly because it is part of our human culture to notify our family of our imminent departure or to let them know when to expect us back but the question is does your dog care if you do or dont find out if it means anything to your dog… read more

reviewed for accuracy on april 22 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm sure you could play fetch with your dog in the backyard and call it a day but if you really want to boost your pups workouts and mental stimulation get her involved in some extreme sports for dogs many dog sports have organizations or training classes you can join where you can work on training but also make some new friendsboth canine and human for owners it is a great opportunity to meet other owners learn from the experience and… read more

reviewed for accuracy on april 22 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm even though its always the right time to fight animal cruelty april has been officially designated as prevention of cruelty to animals month every year organizations around the country celebrate the month by launching special campaigns reaching out to animal lovers and working to raise awareness about important issues regarding animal welfare heres how it came about and what you can do not just in april but on an ongoing basis to stop… read more

we all want to be prepared for emergencies and that includes pet emergencies but for rabbit owners being prepared is especially important because it is often hard for them to find local emergency veterinarians trained in rabbit care thus it is critical for rabbit owners to be as prepared as possible for emergency as the burden may be upon them to be the first line of care if their rabbit becomes ill or injured what emergency rabbit care supplies should you have on hand certainly if your pet… read more

reviewed for accuracy on april 19 2019 by laurie hess dvm dabvp avian adopting a pet bird is excitingyoure adding a new member to your family and gaining a lifetime companion but before you bring home your new addition youll need to make sure your home is a stimulating yet safe and appropriate environment for your pet bird to keep your bird happy youll want to provide plenty of flighted time or time spent out of his cage while indoors says dr hess before you let your pet bird explore your home… read more

youve owned your african grey parrot for 18 years now and never had an emergency all of your veterinary care has been on an as planned basis but here you are on a saturday eveningwith the nearest avian emergency clinic almost two hours awayand your bird has broken a blood feather with a little training and a good first aid kit stocked with the right bird care supplies you can do a lot to stabilize your feathered friend until he can be seen by a veterinarian but before making sure you have all… read more