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petmd editorial updated august 05 2020 published march 18 2019 share this as many adults know caring for a pet is a rewarding and satisfying experience and adopting a pet that a child can also help take care of can be an enriching experience for your kid it teaches empathy and responsibility being responsible for another animal understanding that other things are relying on you to stay healthy and survive says dr laurie hess dvm and owner of the veterinary center for birds and exotics in… read more

petmd editorial published march 14 2019 share this as reef aquarists progress in the hobby their eyes and hearts are drawn to increasingly unusual animals indeed after mastering the care of corals no small feat in itself one might find themselves looking for new challenges as well as novel species some species are not only desirable in their uniqueness but are also quite attractive among these some are even relatively hardy and easy to care for one such animal is the tube anemone what is a tube… read more

petmd editorial updated june 11 2020 published march 12 2019 share this reviewed for accuracy on march 12 2019 by dr jennifer coates dvm your dog never fails to make you smile with his silly antics he chases a tennis ball for hours on end and barks at every squirrel that enters his backyard he also loves to chase his tail an action that sends him spinning in dizzying circles he has to know that his tail is a part of his body so whats so interesting about it is it a normal dog behavior or the… read more

stephanie lantry dvm published may 08 2020 share this how do ticks end up on your pet some common misconceptions are that ticks jump fly or fall from the trees in fact these are all false ticks have pearshaped bodies and four pairs of legs their body design combined with their feeding needs for each part of their life cycle determine how they get to their host to feed however none of these modes of mobility include jumping and since they dont have wings either they cant fly heres a breakdown of… read more

megan keller dvm updated october 20 2020 published may 05 2020 share this this is a common question to come up in the course of a veterinary visit the short answer is yes a cat can eat a small amount of dog and not have any toxicity or lasting effects however the longer answer dives into the speciesspecific differences between our feline and canine friends while a nibble of stolen dog food will not harm cats it will definitely not help them achieve their best possible health heres what you need… read more

katy nelson dvm published april 27 2020 share this during these unprecedented times new phrases seem to be coined daily social distancing novel virus presumptive case vs positive case shelterinplace but while our vernacular may be changing one thing has stayed the samehow much we love our pets and how much they love us and when were scared or stressed theres nothing better than being close to your pet but if were sick could we actually be putting our pets in danger a very small number of… read more

petmd editorial published april 21 2020 share this science has finally found a way for some pet parents with sensitivities to cat allergens to live with their cats purina is introducing a new cat food called pro plan liveclear that reduces cat allergens helping cat owners be closer with the cats they love liveclear is the first and only cat food that reduces the allergens in cat hair and dander offering a revolutionary approach to the management of cat allergens pro plan liveclear comes at a… read more

petmd editorial published april 08 2020 share this company icelandicplus llc brand name icelandic+ whole capelin fish pet treats recall date 03232020 recalled products out of an abundance of caution icelandicplus llc of ft washington pa is recalling its capelin pet treats the product comes in a clear plastic package or tube and marked icelandic+ capelin whole fish pure fish treats for dogs or icelandic+ capelin pure fish treats for cats they are packaged in a 25 ounce tube or a 15 or 25 ounce… read more

aja senestraro dvm published april 07 2020 share this fleas can make kittens itchy and spread disease and if theyre really severe they can even cause serious blood loss and illness some methods for getting fleas off of pets such as flea combing and bathing will only kill the adult fleas on your kittenthey dont prevent new fleas from jumping on them and because fleas have a complex life cycle they dont need to live on your pets to survive as eggs larvae and pupae in these stages they can live… read more

wailani sung ms phd dvm dacvb published march 26 2020 share this cats can suffer from anxiety disorders just as people and dogs can they can experience generalized anxiety disorders or more specific anxiety issues caused by things like thunder or separation distress when their pet parents are not at home the first step to relieving your cats anxiety is to talk to your vet and then you can discuss the need for cat anxiety medications heres a list of the different types of cat anxiety medications… read more

katy nelson dvm updated april 27 2020 published march 23 2020 share this by dr katy nelson dvm its a scary time right now and everyone is adjusting to a new normal during this time of social distancing we should all be trying to do our part to flatten the curve of covid19 this means staying home eating in and reducing unnecessary contact with others while our pets are probably loving this extra cuddle time with us what do you do if they need to go to the veterinarian many veterinary hospitals… read more

sandra c mitchell dvm dabvp updated may 05 2020 published february 25 2020 share this the life of a dog seems like such a leisurely experience get out of bed go outside to relieve yourself come in have a snack and go back to bed then wake up go outside again have dinner and then go back to bed for another nap while this may seem like a lot of time spent sleeping its actually quite normal heres everything you need to know about your dogs sleep patterns and when its time to worry how many hours a… read more

monica tarantino dvm updated november 30 2020 published february 24 2020 share this pedialyte is an electrolyte solution that can be given to children or adults with mild diarrhea or dehydration it can help rehydrate and replenish electrolytes which often makes a sick person with mild dehydration feel better so if your dog is suffering from the same symptoms can you give a dog pedialyte too is pedialyte safe or even useful for dogs heres what you need to know about giving pedialyte to dogs can… read more

wailani sung ms phd dvm dacvb updated january 19 2021 published february 05 2020 share this you may have heard the myth that when a dog sits or lies on top of your feet that he is trying to dominate you but nothing could be further from the truth many dogs form a strong bond with their owners wherever the owner goes the dog follows whenever the owner sits down their dog lies down or sits on or by their feet this is an indication of the strong relationship you have with your dog but there can… read more

jennifer coates dvm updated april 27 2020 published february 05 2020 share this by dr jennifer coates dvm updated by dr katy nelson dvm on april 24 2020 in this article theres no evidence that pets are playing a role in spreading covid19 there are a few reports of pets being infected with the virus that causes covid19 after being in contact with people who were positive for covid19 canine and feline coronavirus are not the same as covid19 people cannot catch canine and feline coronavirus… read more

laci schaible dvm msl cvj updated april 08 2020 published february 03 2020 share this many dogs will experience dry skin itchy skin or some type of skin issue at one time or another whether its due to a change in weather or allergies when your pup is feeling itchy or their skin is irritated its natural to want to help them one athome remedy for itchy skin that can help your dog feel better is an oatmeal bath more consistent itching or hot spots will need a veterinarians expertise but if your… read more

shelby loos dvm published july 30 2020 share this puppies are constantly learning whether its from their environment from socializing with people or other animals or from direct training this creates a critical foundation that will set the stage for their adulthood providing puppies with the appropriate socialization and basic puppy training allows them to grow into confident adult dogs follow this stepbystep puppy training guide to set you and your puppy up for success when can you start… read more

petmd editorial published december 19 2019 share this every animal lover can admit that they get a little excited when they spot a dog out in public i mean theres a whole facebook group called dogspotting which is specifically dedicated to documenting said encounters well it turns out that our ups drivers have created a facebook group of their own to show their appreciation for the pups they see on their route prepare yourselfits pretty fantastic and contrary to the belief that all dogs hate… read more

jennifer coates dvm updated april 02 2020 published december 10 2019 share this overweight pets seem to get all the press these days but what about dogs on the other side of the spectrum some dogs have trouble keeping their weight up at a healthy level or have recently lost weight due to illness for example and need to gain it back when a dog is healthy getting them to gain weight can be as simple as feeding them a little bit more of their current diet this is usually the case for dogs that… read more

petmd editorial updated january 21 2021 published february 04 2020 share this videowistia|kiesurtwxd|true reviewed and updated for accuracy on february 4 2020 by dr katie grzyb dvm sitting next to a dog thats farting can be an unpleasant experience the gaseous odors that emanate from a dog can be surprising and overbearing to the senses in most cases dog gas is harmless however excessive gas can be indicative of an underlying health condition that needs to be treated heres everything you need… read more

petmd editorial published november 12 2019 share this reviewed for accuracy on november 15 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm nothing brings on the holly jollies like sharing the celebrations with a new puppy however its important to remember that puppies are as mischievous as they are adorable perhaps more than any other holiday christmas presents a host of potential puppy hazards from toxic foods to dangerous decor here are some holiday safety tips for celebrating your puppys first christmas 1 beware… read more

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petmd editorial updated february 03 2011 published july 28 2008 share this herpesvirus infection pet reptiles especially turtles and tortoises are affected by many different types of infection some that can damage more than one body organ or system one such viral infection is caused by the herpesvirus which is actually quite common in pet reptiles however freshwater turtles green sea turtles and freshwater tortoises are a few reptiles that are more prone to the disease symptoms and types in… read more

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petmd editorial updated april 07 2016 published july 28 2008 share this herpes virus herpesvirus is not only a human virus it can just as easily infect fishes too in fishes herpesvirus infections can cause a variety of diseases including those can be fatal to the animal channel catfish virus ccv is a serious herpesvirus infection in the fry and fingerling both fish young of the channel catfish ccv usually infects weak fishes that are stressed due to shipping and handling a lack of oxygen in… read more

petmd editorial published april 13 2016 share this bone fractures in reptiles no matter how well you care for your pet reptile it may break or fracture a bone these fractured or broken bones can occur anywhere in its body including the pelvis neck legs spine or tail causes even when fractures in the bone are directly related to an accident the underlying cause for the weakness in the bone will need to be assessed often bone weakness is due to metabolic bone disease your reptiles diet… read more

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petmd editorial updated march 22 2016 published july 25 2008 share this cataracts in rabbits a cataract is an opaque film on the lens of the eye and may mean the lens is entirely or only partially clouded in most instances cataracts are present at the rabbits birth symptoms and types lens is partially or fully opaque eye discharge hypermature cataract swelling of the iris white nodulelike bumps on the iris cataract types immature lens partially covered mature entire lens covered hypermature… read more