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dental disease in cats is a condition that shows up often in middleaged cats since only 20 of a cats teeth can be seen during a normal physical examination your cat should have complete oral health evaluations that are performed under general anesthesia cat tooth removal may occur during a comprehensive dental exam which consists of probing the teeth and gumline to measure the depth of the pockets taking xrays of the teeth soft tissue and bone to help visualize tooth roots and dental ligaments… read more

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bladder stones in dogs are mineral densities that form inside the bladder they can form one at a time or in the hundreds the formation of bladder stones in dogs is usually related to a change in urine ph this change in ph can be either acidic or alkaline which will affect which type of stone ultimately forms diet is one factor that can affect urine ph urine concentration can also affect bladder stone formation the more concentrated a dogs urine the more likely stone formation is the amount of… read more

surgery can seem like a scary process for many pet owners especially if you are worried about caring for your cat after surgery to help alleviate any stress or anxiety talk to your veterinarian before and after the procedure to ensure that all your concerns and questions are addressed read all surgical discharge instructions and discuss them with the vet when you pick up your cat take your time to ask questions and bring up any concerns you may have about the recovery process ask for a list of… read more

sneezing can be a normal occurrence in dogs but in certain situations you may wonder if excessive sneezing is a cause for concern there are many reasons why dogs sneeze so its important to distinguish between playful or communicative dog sneezing versus an indicator of a more serious underlying health condition here are some common reasons why your dog might be sneezing along with other signs to look for what to do if your dog wont stop sneezing and when to take your dog to the veterinarian why… read more

if you have a large dog or are thinking of adopting a largebreed dog youll need to take a few special considerations into account these include common health issues found in large dog breeds their specific nutritional needs and their physical activity requirements you also need to know how these needs will vary as large dogs transition through different life stages heres a breakdown of what you need to know about large dog breeds during every life stage jump to section weight range for large… read more

heartworm disease is not a new problem for dogs and cats but it certainly has lots of myths and misunderstandings that surround it these are a few of the major questions can humans get heartworms from dogs are heartworms contagious to other dogs this article will help clarify how heartworms are contracted whether heartworms are contagious to other dogs or people and how they can be prevented how do dogs get heartworms lets say a dog is infected with mature heartworms these mature heartworms… read more

if you notice that one or both of your dogs eyes are red you may be wondering what the cause could be dogs with allergies more commonly show symptoms related to the skin or intestinal tract but it is possible that allergies may be causing the irritation in your dogs eyesjust like in people with seasonal allergies the medical term allergic conjunctivitis is used to describe inflammation of the eye thats usually caused by environmental allergens like pollen and mold dogs with skinbased allergy… read more

water is essential to life it has even been called the most important nutrient with regards to survival its very important for your dog to drink enough water to stay hydrated and healthy what if your dog is not drinking enough water heres how to calculate how much water your dog needs along with some reasons why your dog may not be drinking the amount of water they should how much water should dogs drink daily theres a simple way to calculate how much water your dog should drink each day if you… read more

how do ticks end up on your pet some common misconceptions are that ticks jump fly or fall from the trees in fact these are all false ticks have pearshaped bodies and four pairs of legs their body design combined with their feeding needs for each part of their life cycle determine how they get to their host to feed however none of these modes of mobility include jumping and since they dont have wings either they cant fly heres a breakdown of how ticks get around and how they find and attach to… read more

during these unprecedented times new phrases seem to be coined daily social distancing novel virus presumptive case vs positive case shelterinplace but while our vernacular may be changing one thing has stayed the samehow much we love our pets and how much they love us and when were scared or stressed theres nothing better than being close to your pet but if were sick could we actually be putting our pets in danger a very small number of animals have been reported to be infected with the novel… read more

science has finally found a way for some pet parents with sensitivities to cat allergens to live with their cats purina is introducing a new cat food called pro plan liveclear that reduces cat allergens helping cat owners be closer with the cats they love liveclear is the first and only cat food that reduces the allergens in cat hair and dander offering a revolutionary approach to the management of cat allergens pro plan liveclear comes at a time when as many as one in five adults are sensitive… read more

company icelandicplus llc brand name icelandic+ whole capelin fish pet treats recall date 03232020 recalled products out of an abundance of caution icelandicplus llc of ft washington pa is recalling its capelin pet treats the product comes in a clear plastic package or tube and marked icelandic+ capelin whole fish pure fish treats for dogs or icelandic+ capelin pure fish treats for cats they are packaged in a 25 ounce tube or a 15 or 25 ounce bag upc codes 8 5485400775 9 8 5485400711 7 8… read more

fleas can make kittens itchy and spread disease and if theyre really severe they can even cause serious blood loss and illness some methods for getting fleas off of pets such as flea combing and bathing will only kill the adult fleas on your kittenthey dont prevent new fleas from jumping on them and because fleas have a complex life cycle they dont need to live on your pets to survive as eggs larvae and pupae in these stages they can live in your home or in your yard so how do you get rid of… read more

cats can suffer from anxiety disorders just as people and dogs can they can experience generalized anxiety disorders or more specific anxiety issues caused by things like thunder or separation distress when their pet parents are not at home the first step to relieving your cats anxiety is to talk to your vet and then you can discuss the need for cat anxiety medications heres a list of the different types of cat anxiety medications and how they work talk with your veterinarian about your cats… read more

by dr katy nelson dvm its a scary time right now and everyone is adjusting to a new normal during this time of social distancing we should all be trying to do our part to flatten the curve of covid19 this means staying home eating in and reducing unnecessary contact with others while our pets are probably loving this extra cuddle time with us what do you do if they need to go to the veterinarian many veterinary hospitals are recommending to only come in if your pet is ill and to postpone any… read more

pedialyte is an electrolyte solution that can be given to children or adults with mild diarrhea or dehydration it can help rehydrate and replenish electrolytes which often makes a sick person with mild dehydration feel better so if your dog is suffering from the same symptoms can you give a dog pedialyte too is pedialyte safe or even useful for dogs heres what you need to know about giving pedialyte to dogs can dogs have pedialyte the short answer is that in small quantities pedialyte is likely… read more

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herpesvirus infection pet reptiles especially turtles and tortoises are affected by many different types of infection some that can damage more than one body organ or system one such viral infection is caused by the herpesvirus which is actually quite common in pet reptiles however freshwater turtles green sea turtles and freshwater tortoises are a few reptiles that are more prone to the disease symptoms and types in reptiles the herpesvirus can affect multiple organs and systems but in… read more

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herpes virus herpesvirus is not only a human virus it can just as easily infect fishes too in fishes herpesvirus infections can cause a variety of diseases including those can be fatal to the animal channel catfish virus ccv is a serious herpesvirus infection in the fry and fingerling both fish young of the channel catfish ccv usually infects weak fishes that are stressed due to shipping and handling a lack of oxygen in the water or chemically treated water fishes which are older have higher… read more

bone fractures in reptiles no matter how well you care for your pet reptile it may break or fracture a bone these fractured or broken bones can occur anywhere in its body including the pelvis neck legs spine or tail causes even when fractures in the bone are directly related to an accident the underlying cause for the weakness in the bone will need to be assessed often bone weakness is due to metabolic bone disease your reptiles diet nutritional status and living environment are the most… read more

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cataracts in rabbits a cataract is an opaque film on the lens of the eye and may mean the lens is entirely or only partially clouded in most instances cataracts are present at the rabbits birth symptoms and types lens is partially or fully opaque eye discharge hypermature cataract swelling of the iris white nodulelike bumps on the iris cataract types immature lens partially covered mature entire lens covered hypermature lens liquefaction has occurred causes cataracts are most commonly… read more

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rabbits and alopecia alopecia is the complete or partial lack of hair in areas where hair is normally present this common disorder in rabbits may often be the symptom of another cause such as infection trauma or immune disorder for rabbits there is no specific age breed or sex that is more susceptible to this disorder symptoms and types the primary sign of alopecia is unusual hair loss symptoms may progress suddenly or slowly the exact pattern and degree of hair loss may help determine the… read more

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degenerative joint disease djd arthritis often called degenerative joint disease djd is a condition that afflicts many horses arthritis is not only painful but makes it difficult for a horse to move about the condition is normally characterized as a slowly developing chronic disease of the joint in which the joint surface cartilage wears down resulting in pain and subsequent lameness arthritis cannot be treated but in many cases it can be managed this condition is often an inevitable change as… read more

ever wonder why cats behave like they do bust the myths and find out why did you know cats played a large role in ancient egyptian society they even became deities mafdet goddess of justice and bast goddess of war while these creatures arent placed on such a high pedestal today there is still an aura of mystery and a particular presence cat carry even their behavior is quite dissimilar to that other favorite domestic pet the dog with a little understanding of the feline way youll discover their… read more

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spaying or having your dog fixed is a procedure that achieves surgical sterilization in female dogs after being spayed your female dog can no longer get pregnant most shelters will spay your dog as standard procedure before they can come home with you there are several benefits to spaying your dog spaying can help prevent uterine infection reduce the risk of mammary cancer prevent unwanted pregnancy and avoid the behaviors that come with heat cycling while it is possible to spay a dog when… read more

preventing dog joint pain and maintaining comfortable mobility are both big concerns for dog parents savvy dog guardians know that the earlier you start maintaining your dogs joint health the better the longterm results will be dogs that are fit and trim eat a healthy balanced diet and take appropriate dog supplements are less likely to have problems with arthritis when it comes to dog joint supplements however it can be hard to separate the helpful from the hype here are my top five… read more