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petmd editorial published april 03 2018 share this the devastating effects of hurricane maria are still being felt in puerto rico but help is being provided in various ways for all those who inhabit the island including its pets on march 28 the humane society of the united states hsus announced that it would be launching a spayathon in puerto rico an initiative that has set its sights on spaying and neutering over 20000 cats and dogs in the region according to a press release the hsus will be… read more

sarah wooten dvm updated may 02 2019 published march 30 2018 share this when it comes to cognition and mental clarity the phrase if you dont use it you lose it fits science has shown that lifelong learning is associated with slowing down the deterioration of mental ability and it turns out that holds true for our canine companions as well r esearchers at the messerli research institute at the university of veterinary medicine in vienna recently found that senior dogs responded positively to… read more

petmd editorial published march 22 2018 share this the reunion of a cat named t2 and his owner perry martin is both inspiring and serves as an incredible reminder to all pet parents to have their animals microchipped on march 14 martina retired k9 officer received a call he was never expecting the humane society of treasure coast hstc in palm city florida had his cat thomas jr aka t2 the stray feline was brought into the facility and after he was scanned for a mircochip he was traced back to… read more

petmd editorial published march 15 2018 share this in june 2017 more than 80 great danes were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in new hampshire the puppies had been living in horrendous conditions and the humane society of the united states hsus along with local authorities rescued the animals after responding to animal neglect alligations at the property as previously reported the 84 great danes were living with limited access to food or water and the smell of ammonia feces and raw chicken… read more

laurie hess dvm dabvp updated april 08 2020 published march 14 2018 share this by dr laurie hess dvm diplomate abvp avian practice hamsters are small rodents the word rodent comes from the latin word rodere which means to gnaw gnawing is a very important activity for hamsters as their upper and lower front teeth known as incisors are covered by yelloworange enamel and continuously grow throughout their life it is critical that these small animals gnaw to wear down their continuously growing… read more

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petmd editorial updated february 01 2011 published july 02 2008 share this dilated cardiomyopathy in ferrets any disease in ferrets not caused by a viral fungal parasitic or bacterial infection is referred to as a noninfectious disease one serious noninfectious disease in ferrets is dilated cardiomyopathy dilated cardiomyopathy is a heart disease which causes some of the heart wall cells to die over time the muscles in the walls of the ferrets heart thin out and every time the heart pumps blood… read more

petmd editorial published march 06 2018 share this when megan vitale rushed her 9weekold saint bernard puppy bodhi into the north reading police department in massachusetts on march 4 she feared for the worst it looked as though her pup who was choking on food and had gone lifeless was not going to make it the harrowing moment was captured on a security camera in the station but the firefighters and police officers on hand quickly jumped into action to do everything they could to save the dog… read more

petmd editorial published march 01 2018 share this the students of marjory stoneman douglas high school endured an unspeakably horrific tragedy on february 14 when 17 of their classmates and teachers were shot and killed in the weeks since there has been an outpouring of support and love for the survivors as students in the parkland region of florida returned to school this week the humane society of broward county wanted to lend some hands to help or in their case some furry paws with the help… read more

petmd editorial published march 01 2018 share this sixty one dogs and cats were saved by authorities in auburn massachusetts this week after spending ther lives living in unspeakably cruel conditions according to the auburn police department the animals were seized from a small home in which its owners had received 11 prior complaints from the board of health spanning all the way back to 1993 on february 28 a search warrant was obtained to investigate the property and 61 cats and dogs… read more

petmd editorial updated january 22 2021 published february 26 2018 share this by john gilpatrick pet food feels like it hasnt changed in years there are wet and dry options you can choose between chicken beef and fish flavors but besides that dog food is dog food and cat food is cat food right its actually changed a lot over the last 10 or 20 years says dr jonathan stockman diplomate of the american college of veterinary nutrition and clinical instructor and head of the clinical nutrition… read more

petmd editorial published february 23 2018 share this by lisabeth weber there is no shortage of dog and cat instagram accounts but look for the same among pet fish and you wont find many this lack of fish galleries was noted by one uk magazine who questioned whether the lack of fish selfies correlated to a decline in fish pet sales according to the 20172018 national pet owners survey by the american pet products association appa out of nearly 125 million households the number of homes with… read more

petmd editorial published february 23 2018 share this by kenneth wingerter with so many brilliantly hued marine fish available for the home aquarium its easy to become smitten by their vibrant colors and exquisite finnage even so most aquarists favorite specimens are often those that possess the most personality in terms of personality few fish groups compare to the blennies combined with a usually good temperament and hyperalertness their daring antics make them quite entertaining to watch… read more

petmd editorial published february 19 2018 share this by teresa k traverse you probably dont think twice about your dogs tongue but it does a lot more than just lick your face the tongue is an essential part of the mouth in a dog says dr alexander reiter professor of dentistry and oral surgery at the university of pennsylvania in philadelphia dogs use their tongues to eat lap water swallow and cool themselves down too the tongue is a muscle says dr ann hohenhaus a staff doctor at animal medical… read more

petmd editorial updated october 27 2020 published february 19 2018 share this reviewed and updated for accuracy on may 8 2019 by dr hanie elfenbein dvm phd as a dog owner you want your pet to have the best quality of life possible so when your pet is uncomfortable or in pain alleviating his distress is more important than anything else laser therapy for dogs can help in many cases by promoting healing and reducing inflammation and pain this increasingly popular treatment option goes by many… read more

petmd editorial published february 09 2018 share this by carol mccarthy so your cat clawed his way to the top of your custom draperies and left them in shreds the bad news is that you cant blame your cat for this because its your fault the good news is that you can do something about it why do cats climb curtains and window screens regardless of age gender breed and whether they have been fixed your cat is simply behaving normally said dr carlo siracusa dvm clinical assistant professor in… read more

petmd editorial published february 09 2018 share this by john plichter its no secret that mans best friend comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with assorted traits and features spots coats eye colors and skin types all make dogs as unique as human beings considering the rarity albinism in dogs is an especially curious case here are a few interesting facts you should know about albino dogs they dont actually have pink eyes while albinism presents itself as pink irises in albino rabbits and… read more

petmd editorial updated july 06 2018 published february 06 2018 share this by helen anne travis in dogs teeth chattering can be a symptom of many conditions and emotions it could be caused by something as simple as excitement over a new ball or it could be a sign of something more serious including oral pain or a more advanced neurological problem heres what you need to know about teeth chattering in dogs and how to tell if your dog needs immediate medical careor is just excited about a new toy… read more

petmd editorial published february 06 2018 share this by nicole pajer have you ever looked over at your sleeping dog and noticed him move his leg or twitch you are not the only one veterinarians will tell you that for the most part this is a very common occurrence and is nothing to be alarmed about in rare instances however twitching may be a warning sign for an underlying disease or condition to get to the bottom of this phenomenon we asked the experts why do dogs twitch in their sleep… read more

petmd editorial published february 06 2018 share this by heather larson alternative medicine practices like massage and acupuncture have proven beneficial for canines however the jury is still out on reflexology a type of massage thats based on the concept that reflex points in the feet hands paws and head are linked to every part of the body reflexology is used on both humans and canines by massaging those points it is said the practitioner releases tension and can alleviate some medical… read more

petmd editorial updated october 30 2020 published february 06 2018 share this by lynne miller the pumi is a mediumsized breed that belongs to the herding group friendly and energetic the pumi is better known in other countries than in the united states i dont think a lot of people know about the breed says gina dinardo executive secretary of the american kennel club they are sweet adorablelooking dogs physical characteristics the pumi looks distinctive with its long head semierect ears… read more

petmd editorial updated october 13 2020 published february 06 2018 share this previous next view all slides how to relieve your dogs back pain reviewed for accuracy on october 3 2019 by dr jennifer coates dvm back pain in dogs can be caused by any number of conditions weight gain an injury anatomical abnormalities degenerative conditions arthritis infection or even cancer some breeds including dachshunds french bulldogs and pugs are also more likely to experience back pain says dr babette… read more

petmd editorial published january 29 2018 share this by lynne miller as a devoted cat parent you want your kitty to be happy and healthy so of course its difficult to watch her struggle to get around many conditions involving the joints muscles bones nerves or skin can cause cats to limp and some issues are more serious than others if your kitty collided with a moving vehicle or fell from a window its no mystery why she cannot walk normally but sometimes the cause of limping is not so dramatic… read more

petmd editorial published may 08 2018 share this by diana bocco much like their human counterparts senior dogs dont always recognize their limitations says dr travis atkins dvm an emergency veterinarian and cofounder of squarepet nutrition for example my wifes and my first child was a boston terrier named harley who as a pup could launch herself from the ground to the middle of the bed and back down again without hesitation says dr atkins however as a decade or so passed there were scenes… read more

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petmd editorial updated february 03 2011 published july 02 2008 share this influenza virus the influenza virus is quite contagious and can be passed on from humans to ferrets and vice versa however it is far more likely a ferret contracts the human influenza virus from a person than a human catching the flu from a ferret and much like humans the ferret flu is caused by the influenza virus unlike humans the flu found in ferrets can sometimes prove to be fatal especially old and young ferrets… read more

petmd editorial published april 24 2018 share this company trupet llc brand name trudog recall date april 17 2108 lot 20190531 13815 product namesupcs boost me mighty meaty beef topper meal enhancer reason for recall trupet llc of milford oh is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of boost me mighty meaty beef topper meal enhancer because the products have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella what to do consumers who have purchased boost me mighty meaty beef topper meal enhancer… read more