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image via istockcomolgachan by kate hughes most cat lovers have at least a passing familiarity with hairless cats like the sphynx cat according to the cat fanciers association the sphynx cats hairlessness originated as a genetic mutation in the 1960s these kitties arent always completely nakedsometimes they have a downy fur over their entire body or a little bit of fur on their noses and earsbut compared to other cats they might as well be bald with the unique look of the sphynx cat comes some… read more

when pet guinea pigs and pet chinchillas are happy they literally jump for joy this behavior frequently called popcorning or less often pogoingas if jumping up and down on a pogo stickor pronking pronging or stotting happens in both species spontaneously and can be quite confusing to guinea pig and chinchilla owners when they see it for the first time what does chinchilla or guinea pig popcorning look like with pet chinchilla and guinea pig popcorning the animals either jump straight up on all… read more

by nicole pajer studies show that having dogs in the workplace may help to lower stress and can even cause employees to work harder and be more productive at their jobs employers are catching on to this trend and are happily starting to oblige but there are certain things to keep in mind before bringing your pup to accompany you on your 9 to 5 here are some dos and donts of having dogs in the workplace dos of having dogs in the workplace get it approved dont just assume that your office is… read more

willie nelson a miniature horse made his first visit to the akron childrens hospital this past week his job was to provide comfort to and lift the spirits of the children in the hospital he has big horseshoes to fill considering his predecessor was a muchbeloved miniature horse named petie petie was a nationally recognized therapy animal with features in animal planet miracle pets people magazine september 27 2004 national geographic for kids may 2005 readers digest january 2007 time for kids… read more

by diana bocco much like their human counterparts senior dogs dont always recognize their limitations says dr travis atkins dvm an emergency veterinarian and cofounder of squarepet nutrition for example my wifes and my first child was a boston terrier named harley who as a pup could launch herself from the ground to the middle of the bed and back down again without hesitation says dr atkins however as a decade or so passed there were scenes reminiscent of daredevils crashing into walls as she… read more

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influenza virus the influenza virus is quite contagious and can be passed on from humans to ferrets and vice versa however it is far more likely a ferret contracts the human influenza virus from a person than a human catching the flu from a ferret and much like humans the ferret flu is caused by the influenza virus unlike humans the flu found in ferrets can sometimes prove to be fatal especially old and young ferrets with weak immunities the common flu can also complicate the health of ferrets… read more

company trupet llc brand name trudog recall date april 17 2108 lot 20190531 13815 product namesupcs boost me mighty meaty beef topper meal enhancer reason for recall trupet llc of milford oh is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of boost me mighty meaty beef topper meal enhancer because the products have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella what to do consumers who have purchased boost me mighty meaty beef topper meal enhancer are urged to return affected product to the place of… read more

by jennifer coates dvm one of the biggest emergencies that pet parents can face is urinary blockage in cats treatment often involves a panicked trip to the veterinary clinic usually at the least convenient time possible and hospitalization for the intensive care and monitoring needed to save the cats life if your cat has blocked once he is at high risk for it happening again so whether youre looking to prevent a recurrence or to protect your cat from every having to experience this condition in… read more

small animal pets such as rabbits guinea pigs and hamsters are very popular companions for families and individuals who live in smaller homes as these animals dont typically require a great deal of space however all small pets need to spend time out of their cages for exercise and bunnies specifically benefit medically from time outdoors which small pets should go outside small rodents such as guinea pigs hamsters and gerbils are all prey species for this reason they may get stressed easily… read more

a south korean court has made a landmark decision that deals a serious blow to the dog meat industry the guardian reports a ruling from the city court in bucheon on thursday in a case brought by the animal rights group care against a dog farm operator said meat consumption was not a legal reason to kill dogs the ruling is a huge win for animal rights activists it establishes that the killing of dogs for meat is illegal which is a big step forward in the fight to outlaw the consumption of dog… read more

john james audubons the birds of america book has long been one of the most treasured books of natural history the national audubon society explains printed between 1827 and 1838 it contains 435 lifesized watercolours of north american birds havell edition all reproduced from handengraved plates and is considered to be the archetype of wildlife illustration there are thought to only be 13 complete sets remaining of the original first editions of the book so when one recently went up for auction… read more

company daves pet food brand name daves pet food recall date 6122018 product names upcs date ranges daves pet food 95 premium beef dog food 13 oz 548 cases 8503811167 082020 reason for recall daves pet food of agawam ma is recalling a single lot of daves dog food 95 premium beef cans because the products potentially contain elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone product was distributed all along the east coast of the us sold in pet stores and ecommerce sites to read more dave pet foods… read more

in 2013 the ten movement was founded its aim is to create a 100 percent nokill nation for cats cats are notoriously efficient breeders according to the ten movement cats are 30 times more prolific than humans whether theyre freeroaming or live indoors cats are excellent breeders with a gestation period of just 65 days an intact mature female cat can produce up to three litters a year since maturity begins at as young as 4 months cats are efficient kittenmakers the result of all this… read more

it can happen so fast one minute youre on your regular evening walk and suddenly your dog runs away to chase after a squirrel or perhaps you left the back door open just this once and your pup takes off running in a flash after a delivery truck its every pet parents worst nightmare and in the moment it can be nearly impossible to know what to do we with these tips from the experts youll know exactly what to do in the moment to get your dog back safe and sound first things first dont chase it… read more

by paula fitzsimmons clinical trials provide veterinary researchers with the data they need to develop drugs procedures and other treatments for our companion animals participants may receive access to cuttingedge veterinary care at little or no cost while contributing to work that can also benefit other animals many of these veterinary research studies are noninvasive and researchers typically enroll animals already afflicted with the disease being studied what does a clinical trial entail and… read more

previous next view all slides 6 dog grooming secrets your groomer wishes you knew by victoria schade if you prefer to leave the dirty work of nail trims and anal gland expressing to someone else you probably assume that your dog grooming responsibilities end when you drop your dog off with the groomer let the groomer worry about mats in the fur and unruly behavior in the tub because thats their job right most groomers beg to differ grooming dogs is a big job no matter the size of the pup on the… read more

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atlantoaxial instability in dogs atlantoaxial instability results from a malformation in the first two vertebrae in the neck of an animal this causes the spinal cord to compress and results in pain or even debilitation for the pet the disorder is uncommon in older dogs and larger breeds of dogs it is generally found in smaller toy breeds to ensure the best possible chance for a full recovery it is important to treat the animal once an occurrence or sign of distress is observed the condition or… read more

previous next view all slides dog summer safety tips 6 summer dangers youre probably ignoring by diana bocco summers can be a lot of fun for dogs especially with all the fun outdoor activities that await before you start off your summer you need to make sure that your pet will be safe while out and about while youre probably aware of dangers like ticks and fleas here are some unique summer safety tips you should keep in mind image otsphotoshutterstockcom previous next view all slides danger 1… read more

previous next view all slides 9 dog breeds that dont like water by lindsay lowe many people assume that all dogs are born swimmers and love the water but that is definitely not the case some breeds whether due to physical build temperament or health issues may not be too eager to dive into a pool or lake and for that matter even some retrievers and other famously waterfriendly dogs are not fans of swimming here are some dog breeds that often dont love swimming along with some water safety tips… read more

previous next view all slides 7 ways to treat and prevent back problems in dachshunds by reyna gobel dachshunds are adorable with their long backs short legs and floppy ears unfortunately their long backs make them more prone to disc herniation which can lead to problems ranging from minor back pain to paralysis but its more than their body structure 1 in 5 dachshunds have a gene that creates mineral deposits within the discs in their spine that increases their risk of herniation and rupture… read more

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aggression in a dog is frightening not only for the person who is the apparent target but also for the pet owner the possibility that one might be the owner of a pet that has inflicted serious harm on another person is a nightmare more than a million people are bitten by every year and this is probably a very low number when you take into account all the bites that are not reported most bite wounds are minor but dog bites account for one percent of all emergency room admissions half of the… read more

by hanie elfenbein dvm dogs and cats are sensitive to heat and can get very sick very quickly if their temperature rises too high a normal body temperature for dogs and cats is higher than in humans ranging from 100 to 103 degrees fahrenheit as air temperature rises above your pets body temperature it becomes more difficult for them to expel excess heat and heat sickness becomes more likely when their internal temperature rises above 103 degrees it can cause signs of illness anything above 106… read more

by laurie hess dvm diplomate abvp avian practice like human infants rabbits are very oral creatures they like to put everything in their mouths to check things out unfortunately also like babies they put inappropriate and sometimes dangerous things in their mouths that can potentially injure or even kill them that is why rabbit owners are advised to bunnyproof their houses even before they bring a rabbit home one of the very inappropriate objects that rabbits sometimes chew on is electric cords… read more

by cheryl lock whether youve lived with birds all your life or your new friend is your first feathered companion youve likely noticed that most domesticated birds love to play but even playtime needs structure in general birds can learn new behaviors relatively quickly says barbara heidenreich an animal training and behavior consultant who has been working with birds for 27 years however what really makes a difference is the skill level of the trainer she added animal training is really a form… read more