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petmd editorial published november 16 2018 share this image via twitterbijutsu1 in western japan the onomichi city museum of art has taken social media by storm but its not because of the art two local cats have been attempting to gain free admission into the museum for two whole years thats right since 2016 two kitties have been trying their luck at checking out what the japanese museum has to offer but to no avail the black cat kenchan has been attempting to enter the museum since the summer… read more

sarah wooten dvm updated february 10 2021 published november 16 2018 share this your dog might be a superchill lovebug thats good with kids and loves hanging with his dog buddies at the dog park but when he gets on a dog leash however he might morph dr jekyllandmr hydestyle into a barking snarling dog who lunges at every dog bike or squirrel he encounters sound familiar this type of behavior is more than just embarrassingits dangerous aggressive leash behavior can turn any walk into a nightmare… read more

petmd editorial updated may 04 2021 published november 16 2018 share this dog vomiting is never fun to deal with and it creates stress for both you and your dog it can be even more stressful if you are not familiar with the types of dog vomit and what each of them means dog vomit dog regurgitation and blood in dog vomitthese are a few different types that pet parents should be aware of some are more serious than others but all should be discussed with a veterinarian follow this easy guide to… read more

petmd editorial updated february 22 2019 published november 14 2018 share this image via istockcomaonip by carol mccarthy brown spots on a dogs coat are adorable but brown spots on your lawn not so much if one or more of your family members is a dog chances are that your lawn might feature some patches of dead grass caused by dog pee so how do dedicated dog parents maintain a lawn that doesnt look like a dog urine minefield is your dog to blame for your lawns brown grass spots before blaming it… read more

petmd editorial updated march 03 2020 published november 13 2018 share this image via istockcomdidesign021 reviewed for accuracy on november 13 2018 by dr katie grzyb dvm by rebecca desfosse the thyroid is a small but important gland in the neck a cats thyroid or dogs thyroid consists of two segments one on each side of the windpipe this gland produces the hormone thyroxine along with several other important thyroid hormones in a healthy pet these hormones automatically work together to… read more

petmd editorial updated november 20 2020 published november 12 2018 share this feature image via istockcomnynke van holten by dr sandra mitchell perhaps you have seen an unusual hairless cat with tall pointed ears and patches of fur and immediately thought it looked like a werewolf cat what you saw might have actually been a lykoi history and background the name lykoi roughly translated means wolf cat in greek this is a fitting name for these cats which many describe as a feline werewolf this… read more

victoria schade cpdtka updated february 10 2021 published november 09 2018 share this nopull dog harnesses offer a gentle way to manage dogs that pull while on a lead but because there are so many different dog harness options available trying to select the perfect one for your pulling pooch can be overwhelming whether youre dealing with a dog thats been pulling for years or youre leash training a puppy a nopull harness can help both you and your dog find a more comfortable way to walk together… read more

petmd editorial published august 17 2018 share this image via cat video festivalfacebook video curator will braden will be hosting the dallas videofest pawfest on thursday august 23 at the texas theater to showcase short cat and dog videos packaged as a fulllength movie a portion of the ticket sales will go to pet rescue and adoption groups the reel has a running time of 80 minutes and features 125 dog and cat clips carefully curated by braden the clips are edited into montages with intro cards… read more

petmd editorial updated october 13 2020 published august 17 2018 share this previous next view all slides 10 weird cat behaviors that could be signs of a sick cat reviewed for accuracy on august 17 2018 by jennifer coates dvm cats are naturally conditioned to mask when theyre not feeling well so it can be difficult to detect signs of cat illness right away however when a cat is sick there can be some noticeable changes in their behavior in fact cat behavior often changes long before you start… read more

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petmd editorial updated march 15 2016 published july 02 2008 share this perianal fistula in dogs perianal fistula is a disorder in which the anus rectum and perineal regions of a dog or cat are inflamed and irritated this disorder is often painful for the animal as well as progressive dogs and cats are both susceptible to perianal fistulas if you would like to learn more about how this disorder affects cats please visit this page in the petmd health library symptoms some of the common symptoms… read more

petmd editorial published august 16 2018 share this according to the aspca around 65 million animals pass through the doors of us animal shelters every year and while there are approximately 32 million shelter animals adopted each year there is still a very large gap between the two numbers to help try to close that gap an annual campaign called clear the shelters was launched in 2015 this campaign spreads awareness about pet adoption and encourages people to adopt shelter dogs and shelter… read more

petmd editorial updated may 06 2021 published august 15 2018 share this image via natchasshutterstock if your dog is unlucky enough to be stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito of course youll want to ease their itching and prevent your dog from having an allergic reaction since benadryl is a goto overthecounter medicine for people is it safe to give a dog benadryl the answer is yes but you should first consult with your vet on the proper dog benadryl dosage and then youll need to make sure… read more

petmd editorial published august 14 2018 share this image via spca of solano countyfacebook according to the sacramento bee the nelson fire started around 5 pm on friday august 10 and burned through 2162 acres between fairfield and vacaville in solano county in california thankfully as of sunday morning the cal fire website reported that it has been 100 percent contained however while the fire was tearing through vacaville it started to edge closer and closer to the spca of solano county where… read more

petmd editorial updated october 14 2020 published august 13 2018 share this previous next view all slides these 6 halloween candies top the list of dangerous foods for dogs by lisabeth weber while the annual tradition of trickortreating on halloween is one that children and adults look forward to yearround it isnt always safe or fun for everyone for dogs the extra candy around the house and the neighborhood can be a hazard to their health when halloween comes around its best to be extra… read more

petmd editorial published august 13 2018 share this image via nyrangerspupinstagram meet the newest addition to the new york rangers hockey teama 6monthold labrador retriever puppy named ranger it was announced on august 7 that the yellow lab would join the nhl team for a year to learn the unique skills needed to become a professional service dog for autistic children the arrangement came about through a partnership between the new york rangers and bluepath a nonprofit organization that… read more

petmd editorial published august 10 2018 share this image via cressida studioshutterstock the american pet products association appa released their annual report on the pet industry market size ownership statistics and it shows that pet parents are spending more than ever on their fur babies in 2017 pet parent expenditures totaled $6951 billion however for 2018 the appa is estimating that pet parents will have spent around $7213 billion the appa estimates that within us markets the majority of… read more

petmd editorial published august 10 2018 share this image via estherthewonderpiginstagram esther the wonder pig made history on august 8th when she became the largest animal to receive a ct scan in canada estherwho is 650 poundscame down with a mystery illness in november however due to her unusually large size veterinarians from the ontario veterinary college at the university of guelph said she could not be diagnosed we thought she was having a heart attack esthers owner steve jenkins tells… read more

petmd editorial published august 09 2018 share this image via katesunshutterstock researchers at cornell university just published a paper in the journal of zoology that shows evidence that smaller dogs will lift their legs higher to create the illusion that they are bigger dog marking is a common dog behavior especially amongst males and research in the past has found that it is done as a means of communication phys org explains by sniffing the pee left by another dog dogs can learn a lot… read more

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petmd editorial updated august 19 2010 published july 02 2008 share this malignant fibrous histiocytoma a malignant fibrous histiocytoma refers to an invasive tumor that contains an excessive number of histiocytes the white blood cells that reside within the normal connective tissue of the body referred to as tissue macrophages histiocytes play a defensive role in the bodys immune response engulfing cellular debris and infectious agents as well as initiating defense mechanisms in the system… read more

petmd editorial updated september 23 2019 published august 07 2018 share this image via anna hoychukshutterstockcom by teresa traverse pet parents always tend to worry about something happening to their dog while they are away dog safety is at the forefront of every pet parents mind when they have to leave their best friend at home a dog home alone can be a recipe for disasterbut not to worry there are certain precautions you can take to ensure your pets safety when youre not at home be sure to… read more

petmd editorial updated october 11 2019 published august 07 2018 share this heart disease in dogs and cats can be a tough diagnosis for vets to make and for pet owners to receive depending on the specifics of the condition your vet may not be able to do much but thats not always the case while there arent any scientifically proven ways to prevent heart disease in cats and dogs dr bill tyrrell veterinary cardiologist and founding partner of cvca cardiac care for pets says that the best thing you… read more

petmd editorial published august 07 2018 share this image via fox31 news david powell had agreed to foster two miniature schnauzer puppies for an active us solider herman haynie while he was on his fifth tour in iraq however while fostering the two dogs one of them lola slipped underneath his fence and escaped from the yard powell tells fox31 heres somebody that put their dogs into my care so that they could go off to iraq for us and i lost his dog powell went to great lengths to find the… read more

petmd editorial updated january 22 2021 published april 12 2018 share this by cheryl lock most cat owners are well aware of their cats habit of kicking litter out of her litter box but they might not know why she does it while this might be a frustrating and untidy habit for pet parents to manage its entirely common and shouldnt be a cause for concern why do cats kick litter i would say its a big problem for pet owners and the perfect example of how normal behavior can be problematic says dr… read more

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petmd editorial updated february 01 2011 published july 02 2008 share this ingestion of foreign object like any other animal the inquisitive ferret also chews up eats and can accidentally swallow various kinds foreign objects these foreign objects usually lodge themselves in the stomach and may even block the ferrets intestines symptoms and types the most common signs seen in ferrets with foreign objects in the stomach are vomiting diarrhea or difficulty passing stool other symptoms may include… read more

petmd editorial updated january 22 2021 published april 11 2018 share this by kate hughes if asked most dog owners would say that their pets exhibit emotions happy excited angry sadyou name it but are these emotions genuine or are they simply humans projecting onto our pets when it comes to whether or not a dog can feel sadness the answer is both yes and no says dr carlo siracusa clinical assistant professor of behavior medicine at the university of pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine in… read more