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by hanie elfenbein dvm pet vaccines for most pet owners they are something we do regularly but dont think much about as a veterinarian however vaccinations are something i am always thinking about at the top of my mind is usually this how can i best protect my patients while minimizing any risk of overvaccinating or asking clients to spend money unnecessarily pet vaccines are safe and i fully believe in them my own dog gets more vaccines than my typical patient because of our lifestyle he goes… read more

having a pet as part of your family has many welldocumented health benefits some are specific to cats while others are particular to dogs one of the downsides of having a pet is the increased need to clean even the most fastidious pets leave their hair wherever they rest but pediatrician and researcher dr james gern and his colleagues suggest that there is something about having pets that can actually decrease the risk of childhood allergies and asthma and it just might be related to that… read more

when you live with a dog who pants and paces all the time or a cat who lets out an earsplitting yowl just as you are about to fall asleep you might be tempted to find a quick fix to your pets anxiety problem like using a weighted blanket marketed to treat anxiety in people but are they safe for pets what are anxiety blankets weighted blankets have been found to be useful in people with anxiety disorders the heavier weight of the blanket may mimic the effect of being swaddled which some people… read more

by cheryl lock most cat owners are well aware of their cats habit of kicking litter out of her litter box but they might not know why she does it while this might be a frustrating and untidy habit for pet parents to manage its entirely common and shouldnt be a cause for concern why do cats kick litter i would say its a big problem for pet owners and the perfect example of how normal behavior can be problematic says dr valarie v tynes domestic cats are descended from wild cats that normally… read more

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ingestion of foreign object like any other animal the inquisitive ferret also chews up eats and can accidentally swallow various kinds foreign objects these foreign objects usually lodge themselves in the stomach and may even block the ferrets intestines symptoms and types the most common signs seen in ferrets with foreign objects in the stomach are vomiting diarrhea or difficulty passing stool other symptoms may include loss of appetite teeth clenching teeth grinding excessive salivation sharp… read more

the devastating effects of hurricane maria are still being felt in puerto rico but help is being provided in various ways for all those who inhabit the island including its pets on march 28 the humane society of the united states hsus announced that it would be launching a spayathon in puerto rico an initiative that has set its sights on spaying and neutering over 20000 cats and dogs in the region according to a press release the hsus will be providing spay and neuter services in underserved… read more

when it comes to cognition and mental clarity the phrase if you dont use it you lose it fits science has shown that lifelong learning is associated with slowing down the deterioration of mental ability and it turns out that holds true for our canine companions as well r esearchers at the messerli research institute at the university of veterinary medicine in vienna recently found that senior dogs responded positively to brain training using a doggie version of sodoku on a touchscreen based on… read more

the reunion of a cat named t2 and his owner perry martin is both inspiring and serves as an incredible reminder to all pet parents to have their animals microchipped on march 14 martina retired k9 officer received a call he was never expecting the humane society of treasure coast hstc in palm city florida had his cat thomas jr aka t2 the stray feline was brought into the facility and after he was scanned for a mircochip he was traced back to martin the pair as it turns out had been separated… read more

in june 2017 more than 80 great danes were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in new hampshire the puppies had been living in horrendous conditions and the humane society of the united states hsus along with local authorities rescued the animals after responding to animal neglect alligations at the property as previously reported the 84 great danes were living with limited access to food or water and the smell of ammonia feces and raw chicken overwhelmed the rescuers on site some of the… read more

by dr laurie hess dvm diplomate abvp avian practice hamsters are small rodents the word rodent comes from the latin word rodere which means to gnaw gnawing is a very important activity for hamsters as their upper and lower front teeth known as incisors are covered by yelloworange enamel and continuously grow throughout their life it is critical that these small animals gnaw to wear down their continuously growing front teeth as they grow hamsters also have large muscular outpouchings of the… read more

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dilated cardiomyopathy in ferrets any disease in ferrets not caused by a viral fungal parasitic or bacterial infection is referred to as a noninfectious disease one serious noninfectious disease in ferrets is dilated cardiomyopathy dilated cardiomyopathy is a heart disease which causes some of the heart wall cells to die over time the muscles in the walls of the ferrets heart thin out and every time the heart pumps blood some blood remains this enlarges the heart and affects its normal… read more

when megan vitale rushed her 9weekold saint bernard puppy bodhi into the north reading police department in massachusetts on march 4 she feared for the worst it looked as though her pup who was choking on food and had gone lifeless was not going to make it the harrowing moment was captured on a security camera in the station but the firefighters and police officers on hand quickly jumped into action to do everything they could to save the dog officers jorge hernandez peter dipietro and joseph… read more

the students of marjory stoneman douglas high school endured an unspeakably horrific tragedy on february 14 when 17 of their classmates and teachers were shot and killed in the weeks since there has been an outpouring of support and love for the survivors as students in the parkland region of florida returned to school this week the humane society of broward county wanted to lend some hands to help or in their case some furry paws with the help of their animal assisted therapy teams the humane… read more

sixty one dogs and cats were saved by authorities in auburn massachusetts this week after spending ther lives living in unspeakably cruel conditions according to the auburn police department the animals were seized from a small home in which its owners had received 11 prior complaints from the board of health spanning all the way back to 1993 on february 28 a search warrant was obtained to investigate the property and 61 cats and dogs including litters of kittens and puppies were discovered… read more

by john gilpatrick pet food feels like it hasnt changed in years there are wet and dry options you can choose between chicken beef and fish flavors but besides that dog food is dog food and cat food is cat food right its actually changed a lot over the last 10 or 20 years says dr jonathan stockman diplomate of the american college of veterinary nutrition and clinical instructor and head of the clinical nutrition service at colorado state university for example we have a much better… read more

by lisabeth weber there is no shortage of dog and cat instagram accounts but look for the same among pet fish and you wont find many this lack of fish galleries was noted by one uk magazine who questioned whether the lack of fish selfies correlated to a decline in fish pet sales according to the 20172018 national pet owners survey by the american pet products association appa out of nearly 125 million households the number of homes with pets is nearly 85 million of that the percentage of dog… read more

by kenneth wingerter with so many brilliantly hued marine fish available for the home aquarium its easy to become smitten by their vibrant colors and exquisite finnage even so most aquarists favorite specimens are often those that possess the most personality in terms of personality few fish groups compare to the blennies combined with a usually good temperament and hyperalertness their daring antics make them quite entertaining to watch compared to many other marine aquarium fish groups… read more

image via istockcommarrio31 by kenneth wingerter given their exotic forms and intense coloration its not difficult to understand the appeal of live corals for reef tanks indeed many aquaristsespecially marine aquaristsat least consider acquiring corals at some point the difficulty level of different coral species varies considerably even so most experienced reef aquarists would agree that successfully maintaining any type of coral over the longterm requires a certain amount of skill and… read more

videowistia|t6oa3fetau|true reviewed for accuracy on october 22 2018 by dr katie grzyb dvm weve seen the videos one quick search on youtube for cats swimming and next thing you know thats two hours youll never get back since cats have a reputation for not liking water we seem to be collectively mesmerized by cats that like water so whats going on here certified cat behavior consultant ingrid johnson of fundamentally feline says its rare but there are some cats that like water she believes its… read more

image courtesy of megan and michael wilson by nicole pajer in april of 2018 megan hanneman and mike wilson visited the humane society of west michigan where they stumbled upon an unexpected new family member a 33pound polydactyl cat named bronson at the age of 3 bronson weighs as much as three fullgrown domestic cats we walked through the doors and couldnt help but gravitate to this adorable giant he was the largest cat we had ever seen wilson says right after leaving we couldnt stop talking… read more

image via istockcomwings by teresa k traverse as technology plays a larger role in our lives its no surprise that we are seeing more advancements in pet technology as well from pet cameras and dog gps collars to dog water fountains and automatic cat feeders the pet supplies market is filled with tools designed to solve everyday issues that pet parents encounter these new pet products can help us keep an eye on our beloved pets when were not home provide them with food or water or just entertain… read more

dallas the k9 pit bull image via jen deana by nancy dunham dallas is among the latest k9 dogs set to join a police force in the us however dallas is different from typical k9 dogs he is not a german shepherd or belgian malinois but actually falls under the pit bull label whats unusual about dallas is that he was born after his mother was removed from a fighting ring in ontario canada she and her unborn litter including dallas narrowly escaped euthanasia due to a breed ban in the province we are… read more

image via istockcomwhitneylewisphotography by victoria schade finding a petfriendly rental is hard enough but trying to find one when your best friend is a pit bulltype dog is close to impossible thats why a minneapolisbased nonprofit called my pit bull is family is working to help families keep pit bulls and other large breeds they are doing this by compiling a list of rental properties that welcome fourlegged tenants no matter the size or breed type my pit bull is family was founded in 2011… read more

reviewed and updated for accuracy on october 9 2018 by jennifer coates dvm has some extra weight snuck up on your dog or cat recently if your pup is looking a little on the plump side its possible that you are the culprit here are seven common pet parent mistakes that could pile the pounds on your furry one youre guestimating how much to feed if youre not measuring your dogs food and instead just filling the dog bowl theres simply no way to know if youre overfeeding or not when i ask owners how… read more

multum in parvo is a latin phrase that is aptly used to describe the pug it means much in a little and perfectly sums up the pug dog breeds vibrant personality and diminutive stature the pug is a brachycephalic dog breed like the shih tzu and french bulldog which means they have broad short skulls and flat faces that leave them predisposed to snoring snorting and generally loud breathing while this can certainly be cute it does mean that they are more susceptible to respiratory distress and… read more