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by nicole pajer when you go to pet another animal your pup may jump in between and push your hand away from the other dog or your cat may meow excessively because youre not paying attention to them but are these actually jealous behaviors suzanne hetts applied animal behaviorist and coowner of animal behavior associates in littleton colorado says the jury is out on whether a cat or dog feels the same type of jealous feelings that humans do in most cases this is better described as a competitive… read more

while some sources of dog stress are chronic in nature such as separation anxiety many are temporary and situational thunderstorms fireworks and even holiday gatherings can be stressful for dogs for these shortlived events what can a pet parent do to help their anxious dog with good intentions pet parents may rummage through their own medicine cabinets for potential solutions perhaps you have done so yourself and youve wondered if benadryl can calm dogs if so you are not alone but is… read more

poisoning by pesticides and rodenticides is one of the most common household dangers to your pet in this case zinc phosphide poisoning will be explored as a potential culprit for your pets health condition zinc phosphide is an ingredient used in some rat poisons and is also commonly used by pest control professionals one of the effects zinc phosphide has on the body is a release of gases in the stomach so that an animal that has ingested poison containing zinc phosphide will have breath… read more

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previous next view all slides tis the season twinkling lights sparkly tinsel brightly colored garland and delicate ornaments whats not to love about holiday decorations the dangers they can pose for your beloved pet thats what while avoid may be too strong of a word as were not suggesting you do away with all of these decorations completely please be mindful of the sorts of decorations you use and their placement this holiday season image randy robertson flickr previous next view all slides… read more

reviewed and updated for accuracy on may 7 2019 by dr hanie elfenbein dvm phd all dogs get older and like us dogs age at different rates especially dogs of different breeds and size for example giant breed dogs like great danes are generally considered to be a senior by roughly 56 years old whereas a smaller breed dog like a chihuahua would probably only enter the senior stage at 1011 years as your beloved dog enters his senior years you should be prepared for certain changes that might occur… read more

our canine companions use their sense of taste in combination with their other senses to explore the world around them sometimes it seems like dogs will eat anything from garbage and fecal matter to undigestible items like toys and fabric and other times dogs may be very picky about their food so how do they determine what tastes good to them do dogs have taste buds like we do why do dogs want to eat things that we would never eat do dogs have taste buds yes dogs have taste buds that give them… read more

while veterinary medicine is still far behind human medicine in terms of virtual health care were quickly catching up more and more veterinary clinics are partnering with companies that help them provide veterinary telemedicine to their existing clients and patients many clinics and veterinarians are also developing their own procedure and protocols with individual veterinarians innovating ways to make care more accessible these kinds of services allow you to connect directly with your regular… read more

after your dogs surgery youll likely be asked to administer medications for pain monitor the surgery area and perform special tasks at home to help your dog on the road to recovery while these may be simple tasks for a veterinary professional they can be a bit overwhelming to a dog owner knowing what to expect and what to watch for can be helpful specific aftercare instructions will vary depending on the nature of your dogs surgery their condition before the procedure and whether there were any… read more

what is alopecia in dogs alopecia also known as hair loss is a very common condition in dogs alopecia is different from shedding which is a normal part of your dogs hair growth cycle and depends on the dogs breed alopecia refers to either thinning hair or spots of hair loss bald spots where the hair loss occurs can depend on the underlying cause symptoms of alopecia in dogs depending on the cause of the alopecia there may be accompanying symptoms including mild to severe scratching but… read more

canine parvovirus cpv or commonly referred to as parvo is one of the most serious viruses that dogs can get thankfully it is very preventable with proper vaccination this virus was discovered in 1967 and has rapidly become a serious threat to canine health this is primarily due to the fact that the virus is hard to kill can live for a long time in the environment and is shed in large quantities by infected dogs the virus is also highly contagious which is why the parvo vaccine is considered a… read more

if you have a pet youve probably heard about tapeworms or had to deal with them before worms can affect a dogs overall health and cause some seriously nasty gastrointestinal issues however tapeworm infestations in dogs are not usually considered dangerous or lifethreatening heres what you need to know about tapeworms in dogsfrom what they are and how they spread to how to treat and prevent them videowistia|v5xqghl0mr|true what a re t apeworms in dogs tapeworms are just one type of intestinal… read more

periodontal disease commonly referred to as gum disease is the most common disease in dogs according to recent studies almost 90 of dogs will have developed some form of periodontal disease by 2 years of age 1 this guide will explain the different stages of periodontal disease in dogs and how to recognize treat and prevent it jump to a section what is periodontal disease in dogs are some dogs predisposed to periodontal disease what are the signs and stages of periodontal disease in dogs is… read more

depression as we know it in people is a mood disorder that causes feelings of persistent sadness and worthlessness its often linked with a loss of interest in normal activities depression is more than just a bout of the blues temporary sadness or grief though those feelings can all play a part in humans it can range from mild symptoms to a debilitating and chronic condition that interferes with the ability to perform daily activities treatment for human depression typically includes medication… read more

its a common scenarioone that youve probably experienced before youre on a walk or hike with your dog you look down and before you know it your dog is rolling around on something and it happens to be poop your dog rolled in poop right before you were ready to pop in the car for a long ride home this is actually what happened to me and my dog burgundy after an overnight backpacking hike this is probably not the first time your dog has rolled in something smelly either so why do dogs roll in poop… read more

dogs do a lot of really cute things they also do a lot of gross things rolling in the grass can be either or both depending on the situation there are several reasons dogs roll in the grass but most of them are about scent dogs have a strong sense of smell and use it to interact with the world they can use scent to pick up trails of prey or communicate with other dogs so if your dog is rolling in the grass it may be about picking up a smell covering a smell or leaving their scent behind is it… read more

the five crucial components to a veterinary visit include recording a patients vital signs taking a complete medical history performing a comprehensive physical exam recommending laboratory tests and discussing the utility of other ancillary studies you might be surprised to learn that the most useful of those five pieces of the diagnostic puzzle has nothing to do with fancy machines or expensive laboratory tests any vet worth their weight in prednisone will tell you its the patients history… read more

videowistia|qfoekthohr|true i had the best dog she saw me through veterinary school marriage and the birth of my first child we grew up together but by the time she was 14 years old veena was suffering from painful arthritis in her hips and back along with gi problems and was having difficulty seeing i had been a veterinarian for years and performed euthanasia for countless clients however now it was time for me to face that difficult heartwrenching decision like all of my clients i wished that… read more

no this post is not on clumping vs nonclumping scented vs unscented organic vs inorganic scooping vs nonscooping or any other such litter trivia though your comments on these are always welcome nope this post is about how the litterbox plays into your cats emotional life in ways you may have never thought possible as in yes its great that you care enough to buy your cat fabulous litter the coolest boxes and the neatest littersucking steppymats but perhaps theres more to the story than all that… read more

ok so now youve got your diagnosis its a cruciate ligament tear or rupture with possible injury to the meniscal cartilage of the knee too ouch what you really need right about now is an expert opinion on the optimal treatment for this injury given your budget ok so maybe you need a tissue too to that end heres the skinny i promised common cruciate options surgery one of the socalled leveling osteotomies is recommended for medium and large breed dogs the most common of which is called a tplo… read more

you should always pay attention to your cats eating habits as they can give you some insight into how your cat is feeling if you notice your cats eating behaviors change you can get in touch with your veterinarian right away to figure out what the problem is and if your cat is not eating you need to find out the cause here are some of the more common reasons why a cat wont eat and some recommendations to get your feline family member back on track skip to a section here reasons why a kitten… read more

cats have a very sensitive sense of smell certain scents like the smell of catnip can have an array of effects on cats such as helping them adjust to their environment and interact socially youve no doubt heard of catnip but what if your cat doesnt really respond to it there are some alternativesplants such as silver vine honeysuckle and valerian have all been used to satisfy the feline sense of smell surprisingly silver vine is the most effective of these plants as more cats respond to its… read more

reviewed for accuracy on january 24 2020 by dr jennifer coates dvm cardiopulmonary resuscitation or cpr for cats is an emergency procedure that hopefully you will never need to use its better to take your cat to your veterinarian before problems become severe enough to require cpr but when necessary and if performed correctly cpr and artificial respiration may give you time to get your cat to your veterinarian first determine whether your cat actually needs cpr before you begin ar or cpr make… read more

tooth resorption in cats is a frustrating disease for both veterinarians and cat parents it has had many names over the years including feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions neck lesions cat caries cervical lesions all of these different names refer to the same dental condition in cats heres everything you need to know about tooth resorption in cats what is tooth resorption in cats tooth resorption is a condition in cats where their body starts to break down and absorb the structures of a… read more

what are ringworms in cats ringworms or ringworm are the common names for dermatophytosis a fungal infection that can affect a cats skin hair and nails the fungus which feeds on dead cells is not actually a wormthe name originated from the classic round red targetshaped lesion surrounded by a scaly ring mostly seen in humans with ringworm in cats youre more likely to notice hair loss and scaly lesions of any shape there are several types of fungus that can cause ringworm some are… read more