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petmd editorial updated november 25 2020 published september 13 2019 share this as your dog ages and their health declines it can be difficult to figure out when its the right time to put your dog down the quality of life scale allows you to evaluate your dogs wellbeing to help you make difficult endoflife care decisions originally known as the hhhhhmm scale this evaluation tool was created by dr alice villalobos dvm founder of pawspice a quality of life program for terminal petsas a scoring… read more

laci schaible dvm msl cvj updated december 09 2020 published august 27 2019 share this as the holidays roll around and our plates overflow with homecooked goodness remember that many holiday foods are bad for dogs and can even be toxic from savory mashed potatoes and gravy to sweets and treats learn which foods to avoid sharingwhether its letting them lick the plate or setting aside a bowl full of scraps holiday foods that are bad for dogs videowistia|dd85380h5a|true while we may consider these… read more

petmd editorial updated may 28 2020 published august 27 2019 share this reviewed for accuracy on august 27 2019 by dr jennifer coates dvm its a terrifying headline that keeps popping up lately harmful algal bloom kills beloved pet according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration noaa website harmful algal blooms habs have been reported in every coastal us state bluegreen algae spottings are on the rise the environmental protection agency epa says that its a major problem in all… read more

liz bales vmd updated may 28 2020 published august 06 2019 share this now more than ever pet parents think of their dogs and cats as members of the family so it comes as no surprise that they are giving a lot of thought and attention to the handling of their pets endoflife care if your pets quality of life is declining or you know that your pet is suffering or in pain you are probably wondering how youll know when its the right time to put your pet down your local veterinarian has experience… read more

natalie stilwell dvm ms phd updated november 12 2020 published july 25 2019 share this its normal for cats to groom on a regular basis after all cat selfgrooming is an important behavior that helps cats remove loose hair dirt and parasites from their coat cats typically spend up to 50 of their waking hours grooming but excessive amounts of licking biting chewing or scratching may mean that your cats selfgrooming habits have become problematic if your cat is licking too much they can lose fur in… read more

natalie stilwell dvm ms phd updated april 15 2020 published july 19 2019 share this in recent years veterinarians have been noticing an upsurge in cases of enlarged heart in dogs also called dilated cardiomyopathy dcm its a serious and often fatal heart condition the fdas investigation of grainfree dog food and heart disease many of the cases of dcm have involved dogs that were fed grainfree diets suggesting that diet may play a role in this disease this alarming trend led the us food and drug… read more

laci schaible dvm msl cvj updated september 29 2020 published june 27 2019 share this while canine cushings disease can be difficult to diagnose and treat it can be controlled and pet parents can effectively manage the disease through a special diet along with traditional medicinal therapy the traditional treatment method your veterinarian will recommend depends on the type of cushings disease your dog is diagnosed with pituitary or adrenal treatment options for the two types of cushings… read more

petmd editorial updated november 25 2020 published june 19 2019 share this cat vaccinations can get confusing not only are there different schedules and needed vaccines for cats and kittens but there are also some extra vaccines for different lifestyles its difficult for pet parents to understand their cats vaccination schedulefrom which ones they need to how often they need them while there are certain mandatory or core vaccines for cats there are also noncore vaccines for different lifestyles… read more

petmd editorial updated august 31 2020 published may 22 2019 share this reviewed for accuracy on may 22 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm in the case of a major disaster would you know where to go with your pet pet disaster preparedness is about more than just having an evacuation kit ready you should also know where you and your furry companion will be seeking shelter together because you should never leave your pet behind when evacuating for an emergency the time to prepare for a disaster is before… read more

petmd editorial updated december 12 2019 published may 17 2019 share this videowistia|41ulix42rs|true reviewed for accuracy on may 17 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm succulent plants are more popular than ever because they are easy to care for and work well as houseplants marked by their thick fleshy leaves succulents are native to desert environments but adapt easily to a variety of conditions these hardy plants can thrive both indoors and outdoors making them a favorite among both experienced… read more

petmd editorial updated may 28 2020 published october 22 2018 share this videowistia|t6oa3fetau|true reviewed for accuracy on october 22 2018 by dr katie grzyb dvm weve seen the videos one quick search on youtube for cats swimming and next thing you know thats two hours youll never get back since cats have a reputation for not liking water we seem to be collectively mesmerized by cats that like water so whats going on here certified cat behavior consultant ingrid johnson of fundamentally feline… read more

petmd editorial updated september 24 2019 published october 22 2018 share this image courtesy of megan and michael wilson by nicole pajer in april of 2018 megan hanneman and mike wilson visited the humane society of west michigan where they stumbled upon an unexpected new family member a 33pound polydactyl cat named bronson at the age of 3 bronson weighs as much as three fullgrown domestic cats we walked through the doors and couldnt help but gravitate to this adorable giant he was the largest… read more

petmd editorial updated april 16 2020 published october 11 2018 share this image via istockcomwings by teresa k traverse as technology plays a larger role in our lives its no surprise that we are seeing more advancements in pet technology as well from pet cameras and dog gps collars to dog water fountains and automatic cat feeders the pet supplies market is filled with tools designed to solve everyday issues that pet parents encounter these new pet products can help us keep an eye on our… read more

petmd editorial published october 11 2018 share this dallas the k9 pit bull image via jen deana by nancy dunham dallas is among the latest k9 dogs set to join a police force in the us however dallas is different from typical k9 dogs he is not a german shepherd or belgian malinois but actually falls under the pit bull label whats unusual about dallas is that he was born after his mother was removed from a fighting ring in ontario canada she and her unborn litter including dallas narrowly escaped… read more

victoria schade cpdtka updated february 10 2021 published october 11 2018 share this image via istockcomwhitneylewisphotography by victoria schade finding a petfriendly rental is hard enough but trying to find one when your best friend is a pit bulltype dog is close to impossible thats why a minneapolisbased nonprofit called my pit bull is family is working to help families keep pit bulls and other large breeds they are doing this by compiling a list of rental properties that welcome fourlegged… read more

petmd editorial updated june 11 2020 published october 09 2018 share this reviewed and updated for accuracy on october 9 2018 by jennifer coates dvm has some extra weight snuck up on your dog or cat recently if your pup is looking a little on the plump side its possible that you are the culprit here are seven common pet parent mistakes that could pile the pounds on your furry one youre guestimating how much to feed if youre not measuring your dogs food and instead just filling the dog bowl… read more

petmd editorial published october 02 2018 share this image via istockjohnandersonphoto the rats in new york are notorious for their large size and fearless attitude from carrying pizza up a staircase to climbing onto unsuspecting subway passengers new york rats are as much a part of life in manhattan as traffic is for one graduate student and his colleagues the rats in new york are proving to be a very interesting subject matter for study matthew combs and his colleagues from fordham university… read more

petmd editorial updated november 25 2020 published september 25 2018 share this multum in parvo is a latin phrase that is aptly used to describe the pug it means much in a little and perfectly sums up the pug dog breeds vibrant personality and diminutive stature the pug is a brachycephalic dog breed like the shih tzu and french bulldog which means they have broad short skulls and flat faces that leave them predisposed to snoring snorting and generally loud breathing while this can certainly… read more

petmd editorial published september 25 2018 share this image via ginger and kimchifacebook kimchi a blind spanieltype rescue depends on ginger an 11yearold golden retriever to act as his seeing eye dog after going blind three years ago ginger is often steering him away from obstacles and danger and kimchi doesnt mind being led around for the most part anyway the dogs ownersa couplewrite in a facebook post they are always paired when we go out the post says a guide dog for a blind dog kimchi was… read more

tiffany tupler dvm published july 30 2020 share this if youve adopted an adult or senior dog you may assume that he is potty trained but find out otherwise when you get home dont stresspotty training an older dog is possible so how do you start when it comes to potty training methods crate training for older dogs can be just as effective as it is for puppies plus having a crate available for your dog is not just for potty training these havens give your dog a safe calm place where they can… read more

petmd editorial published december 07 2018 share this company sunshine mills inc brand name abound recall date 1252018 king soopers and city market stores sold in locations in colorado utah new mexico and wyoming product abound chicken and brown rice dog food 4 lbs upc 1111083556 best by date code 111201811162019 product abound chicken and brown rice dog food 14 lbs upc 1111083573 best by date code 111 2018 11 16 2019 product abound chicken and brown rice dog food 24 lbs upc 1111089076 best by… read more

joanna pendergrass dvm updated march 08 2021 published december 06 2018 share this a cat uses its nails for many different activities including scratching climbing and marking territory interestingly cat nails are retractable staying hidden until a cat needs to use them cat nails also grow continually outdoor cats keep their nails short by climbing and scratching on trees among other outdoor activities indoor cats often use cat scratching posts to care for their nails but these posts may not be… read more

petmd editorial updated february 22 2019 published december 04 2018 share this image via istockcomolgachan by kate hughes most cat lovers have at least a passing familiarity with hairless cats like the sphynx cat according to the cat fanciers association the sphynx cats hairlessness originated as a genetic mutation in the 1960s these kitties arent always completely nakedsometimes they have a downy fur over their entire body or a little bit of fur on their noses and earsbut compared to other… read more

petmd editorial updated november 25 2020 published november 29 2018 share this dalmatians have become one of the most easily recognized dog breeds due to their unique coat and history their spotted coat which comes in both liver brown and black gives them a oneofakind look its no surprise that theyve been prominently featured in childrens movies this athletic and driven dog breed may be in the akc nonsporting group but dalmatians have a long history as carriage dogs who were in charge of… read more

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petmd editorial updated december 18 2014 published july 16 2008 share this physical characteristics the american wirehair is medium to large in size with a well rounded body and large bright eyes that are round and slant upward on the outer corners it is found in a variety of colors and has a similar standard an abstract aesthetic ideal for the animal type as the american shorthair the mutation that causes the hair to be wiry is naturally occurring but must be encouraged since it is an… read more