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image via istockcomandrey nilkitin by kenneth wingerter upon hearing any mention of bacteria some people immediately think of germs indeed certain pathogenic microbes can be quite dangerous on the other hand there are many types of helpful bacteria that can be rather beneficial in fact without them life on earth as we know it would probably not be possibleand neither would recirculating aquarium systems given the relatively small volume of water in even the biggest fish tanks biological waste… read more

if you are noticing that your cat is all of a sudden making messes with her cat food pulling food out of her bowl to eat on the floor or is more finicky about her food some say that whisker stress could be to blame the whiskers on your cats face are sensitive feeling organs that cats use to gather information about their environment cat whiskers collect and send information to their brainyou can think of them as sensitive little antennas that cats use to see in the dark they are so sensitive… read more

image via istockcomjulialine by john virata aquatic turtles are some of the most popular reptiles in the hobby and proper care of their environment goes a long way in regard to their health because they live most of their lives in water it is imperative that you choose not only the right turtle tank but also the right turtle tank filter picking a turtle tank the turtle tank setup that you choose for your pet turtle depends entirely on the species of the turtle that you keep and the adult size… read more

image via istockcomgroomee by kate hughes dog training is a critical component of responsible dog ownership beyond simple cues like sit stay and roll over a welltrained dog knows how to behave around unfamiliar people pets and environments positive reinforcement is key during the dog training process and many pet owners use dog treats to reinforce desired behaviors and responses in their pups but with a seemingly endless variety of dog treats available how can you narrow down your options to… read more

image via istockcomdarunechka by carol mccarthy bath time is no fun for most pets and if your pet hasnt been properly introduced a dog dryer can add insult to injury with its startling noise and unwelcome blasts of air but professional pet groomers and pet parents who groom and bathe their dogs at home often use dog hair dryers to speed up the grooming process with patience expert advice and the right tools your dog can become comfortable with a dog dryermaking bathing and grooming easier for… read more

your dog might be a superchill lovebug thats good with kids and loves hanging with his dog buddies at the dog park but when he gets on a dog leash however he might morph dr jekyllandmr hydestyle into a barking snarling dog who lunges at every dog bike or squirrel he encounters sound familiar this type of behavior is more than just embarrassingits dangerous aggressive leash behavior can turn any walk into a nightmare this blood pressureraising bad behavior is called leash aggression and it is… read more

image via istockcomseventyfour by paula fitzsimmons getting your pup off the sofa and moving on a regular basis is essential to her health and wellbeing if you need a tool to support this goal consider using a dog activity trackera type of dog tracking collar that not only complements a dog weight loss program but also provides you with important health data activity trackers for dogs vary in functionality features and price points understanding the differences can help you choose a device that… read more

trimming cat nails may not sound like a job for the faint of heart especially with the pressure of avoiding the quick if you cut the quick when trimming cat nails it can be painful for your feline and can lead to bleeding so what is the quick exactly and how do you avoid hitting the quick when trimming cat nails what is the quick the quick contains the blood vessels nerves and other tissues that support a cats nail in cat nails that are lightcolored its usually quite easy to see the triangular… read more

rabbits are one of the most popular exotic animals kept as pets these days andwhen adopted into the appropriate homethey can make terrific companions bunnies come in all colors shapes and sizes and are readily adoptable from shelters and breeders they are perfect pets for small living quarters as they dont take up a lot of space dont need to go outside and are generally very quiet typically cute and cuddly looking rabbits can bond to their owners closely and respond to them by sight and sound… read more

by paula fitzsimmons with erect ears a thick tail and an athletic build the korean jindo is a wolflike dog breed originating in south korea jindo dogs are excellent problem solvers are fiercely loyal and have a strong drive to hunt traits that have secured their position as hunters and guardians in their homeland they continue to serve in these roles to a certain degree in the us but jindo dogs have primarily become cherished family members the american kennel club akc has not yet recognized… read more

by paula fitzsimmons with a distinctive tail and ears lively gait and a bold orangeonwhite coat the nederlandse kooikerhondje is hard to miss this newly inducted dog breed of the akc sporting group originated in 17th century netherlands as a duck decoy dog but has since become cherished as a companion considering this dog breeds endearing qualities that include intelligence sensitivity and a kind nature its easy to understand why these pups are so beloved physical characteristics one of the… read more

image via istockcomcasarsaguru by monica weymouth is your cat obsessed with birds does he routinely attack your electrical cords while ignoring his gigantic pile of cat toys sounds about right although it can be easy to forget when theyre curled up and purring in our laps cats remain wild animals at heart and animals are driven to hunt prey the important thing to remember is that all cats are born hunters whether they act it or not says dr shelby neely director of clinical operations for… read more

reviewed for accuracy on august 27 2019 by dr jennifer coates dvm its a terrifying headline that keeps popping up lately harmful algal bloom kills beloved pet according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration noaa website harmful algal blooms habs have been reported in every coastal us state bluegreen algae spottings are on the rise the environmental protection agency epa says that its a major problem in all 50 states heres what you need to know about harmful algal blooms and how… read more

now more than ever pet parents think of their dogs and cats as members of the family so it comes as no surprise that they are giving a lot of thought and attention to the handling of their pets endoflife care if your pets quality of life is declining or you know that your pet is suffering or in pain you are probably wondering how youll know when its the right time to put your pet down your local veterinarian has experience with this issue and knows you and your pet well they are there to… read more

its normal for cats to groom on a regular basis after all cat selfgrooming is an important behavior that helps cats remove loose hair dirt and parasites from their coat cats typically spend up to 50 of their waking hours grooming but excessive amounts of licking biting chewing or scratching may mean that your cats selfgrooming habits have become problematic if your cat is licking too much they can lose fur in strips along their back belly or inner legs the affected areas may be completely bare… read more

in recent years veterinarians have been noticing an upsurge in cases of enlarged heart in dogs also called dilated cardiomyopathy dcm its a serious and often fatal heart condition the fdas investigation of grainfree dog food and heart disease many of the cases of dcm have involved dogs that were fed grainfree diets suggesting that diet may play a role in this disease this alarming trend led the us food and drug administration fda to launch an investigation into whether diet and other factors… read more

while canine cushings disease can be difficult to diagnose and treat it can be controlled and pet parents can effectively manage the disease through a special diet along with traditional medicinal therapy the traditional treatment method your veterinarian will recommend depends on the type of cushings disease your dog is diagnosed with pituitary or adrenal treatment options for the two types of cushings disease treatment of an adrenal tumor can be done through major abdominal surgery if the… read more

cat vaccinations can get confusing not only are there different schedules and needed vaccines for cats and kittens but there are also some extra vaccines for different lifestyles its difficult for pet parents to understand their cats vaccination schedulefrom which ones they need to how often they need them while there are certain mandatory or core vaccines for cats there are also noncore vaccines for different lifestyles or vaccines that are only recommended during the kitten years your… read more

videowistia|41ulix42rs|true reviewed for accuracy on may 17 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm succulent plants are more popular than ever because they are easy to care for and work well as houseplants marked by their thick fleshy leaves succulents are native to desert environments but adapt easily to a variety of conditions these hardy plants can thrive both indoors and outdoors making them a favorite among both experienced gardeners and budding green thumbs while succulents can be great… read more

reviewed for accuracy on may 13 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm nothing beats hiking with a dog a brisk walk or even a stroll through natural surroundings can be great exercise for twolegged and fourlegged family members and because hiking exposes your canine companion to new and interesting things its mentally stimulating for your pup too says katherine aromaa avid hiker and owner of coopers dog training and behavior modification in portland oregon before you hit the trails you want to make sure… read more

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traumatic tooth injury in dogs tooth fractures refer to tooth injuries involving damage to the enamel dentin and cement these injuries occur either on the enamelcovered top portion of the tooth the crown or the part below the gum line the root both dogs and cats are susceptible to traumatic tooth injuries if you would like to learn more about how this condition affects cats please visit this page in the petmd health library symptoms and types the most common complication involving a tooth… read more

reviewed for accuracy on may 6 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm the polarizing debate about dog people versus cat people has led many to believe that cats and dogs are on opposite sides of a spectrum with no common ground dogs are not cats says jessica gore cpdtka a professional dog trainer based in los angeles however there are certain very broad stereotypes that we associate with both cats and dogs alike but that doesnt mean that cat people cant become dog people while cat people appreciate their… read more

we all love pretty fish saltwater aquarists can get especially spoiled as there is a seemingly unlimited range of bold colors and patterns amongst the reef fishes but is there more to an ornamental fish than its pigments can a drab fish have very much value to an aquarist there certainly is one species that fits the billthe molly miller blenny scartella cristata adapted for many nearshore habitats scartella cristata is very much cosmopolitan in distribution built to withstand the rigors of… read more

if you have a pet ferret it is important that you remember that they can get fleas just like a cat or dog if your ferret has fleas you will need to find a ferret flea treatment that has been proven to be safe for ferrets in order to control the flea infestation ferrets are not simply small cats and dogs so the cat and dog flea treatments that are appropriate for our other pets are not always safe for ferrets you should always ask your veterinarian to determine the appropriateness of any flea… read more

by nicole pajer lately there has been an uptick in the number of sellers peddling pet medication online and through social media channels without a license or credentials to do so the allure of these blackmarket medications is that they are cheaper and more convenient to obtain as these vendors sell direct to consumers without the hassle of having to go to the vet or a local pet store but purchasing illegal medications for your pet can come with a slew of dangerous repercussions the dangers of… read more