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petmd editorial updated march 22 2016 published july 25 2008 share this rabbits and alopecia alopecia is the complete or partial lack of hair in areas where hair is normally present this common disorder in rabbits may often be the symptom of another cause such as infection trauma or immune disorder for rabbits there is no specific age breed or sex that is more susceptible to this disorder symptoms and types the primary sign of alopecia is unusual hair loss symptoms may progress suddenly or… read more

PetMD Editorial

petmd editorial updated march 16 2016 published july 25 2008 share this degenerative joint disease djd arthritis often called degenerative joint disease djd is a condition that afflicts many horses arthritis is not only painful but makes it difficult for a horse to move about the condition is normally characterized as a slowly developing chronic disease of the joint in which the joint surface cartilage wears down resulting in pain and subsequent lameness arthritis cannot be treated but in many… read more

petmd editorial updated february 11 2021 published july 24 2008 share this ever wonder why cats behave like they do bust the myths and find out why did you know cats played a large role in ancient egyptian society they even became deities mafdet goddess of justice and bast goddess of war while these creatures arent placed on such a high pedestal today there is still an aura of mystery and a particular presence cat carry even their behavior is quite dissimilar to that other favorite domestic pet… read more

kelly sulik dvm published january 21 2021 share this as more research is done in the field of veterinary nutrition we continue to learn more about how to keep pets happy and healthy with one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of their daily care food research has shown that one of the most critical dietary components for our feline friends is protein heres what you need to know about protein for cats and highprotein diets why cats need protein there are six classes of nutrients that… read more

jennifer coates dvm published january 18 2021 share this humangrade cat food is having a moment but is it really worth the extra money and for that matter what does humangrade even mean heres what you need to know to determine if a humangrade food is right for your cat humangrade cat food what is it the term humangrade is hard to define the united states department of agriculture usda and food and drug administration fda are responsible for regulating foods meant for human consumption but they… read more

gretchen verheggen dvm published january 08 2021 share this you might think that organic foods are toptier and better than nonorganic food and if organic food is better for people to eat is it the same for dogs what does it actually mean if a dog food is organic this article will help you interpret dog food labels related to organic dog food whether its 100 organic or made with some organic ingredients what makes a dog food organic the united states department of agriculture usda has not yet… read more

krista seraydar dvm updated april 29 2021 published september 01 2020 share this if you have a large dog or are thinking of adopting a largebreed dog youll need to take a few special considerations into account these include common health issues found in large dog breeds their specific nutritional needs and their physical activity requirements you also need to know how these needs will vary as large dogs transition through different life stages heres a breakdown of what you need to know about… read more

PetMD Editorial

petmd editorial updated march 16 2016 published july 18 2008 share this epilepsy idiopathic or genetic in dogs epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes the dog to have sudden uncontrolled recurring physical attacks with or without loss of consciousness this may sometimes occur for unknown reasons idiopathic or due to genetic abnormalities however idiopathic epilepsy is often characterized by structural brain lesions and is more likely seen in male dogs if left untreated the seizures may become… read more

laura dayton dvm published august 11 2020 share this heartworm disease is not a new problem for dogs and cats but it certainly has lots of myths and misunderstandings that surround it these are a few of the major questions can humans get heartworms from dogs are heartworms contagious to other dogs this article will help clarify how heartworms are contracted whether heartworms are contagious to other dogs or people and how they can be prevented how do dogs get heartworms lets say a dog is… read more

matthew everett miller dvm published july 06 2020 share this if you notice that one or both of your dogs eyes are red you may be wondering what the cause could be dogs with allergies more commonly show symptoms related to the skin or intestinal tract but it is possible that allergies may be causing the irritation in your dogs eyesjust like in people with seasonal allergies the medical term allergic conjunctivitis is used to describe inflammation of the eye thats usually caused by environmental… read more

jennifer grota dvm updated june 29 2020 published june 08 2020 share this water is essential to life it has even been called the most important nutrient with regards to survival its very important for your dog to drink enough water to stay hydrated and healthy what if your dog is not drinking enough water heres how to calculate how much water your dog needs along with some reasons why your dog may not be drinking the amount of water they should how much water should dogs drink daily theres a… read more

kelly sulik dvm published june 01 2020 share this heartworm prevention has become a standard of preventive care for pets in the united states however more than 1 million pets in the us are believed to be heartworm positive and that number is growing although some parts of the country are more severely affected than others heartworm disease has been diagnosed in all 50 states you may have to have your dog treated for heartworms in cases such as these if you have adopted a heartwormpositive dog… read more

petmd editorial published march 12 2019 share this reviewed for accuracy on march 12 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm while out on a walk you observe a dog retreat behind his owner with a growl when approached by another dog eventually a scuffle eruptsand thankfully the owners are able to pull the dogs away without serious incident in an ideal scenario a nervous dog who needs space will not be approached at all until hes ready to be social says tara palardy founder of the yellow dog project the… read more

petmd editorial updated may 26 2020 published march 11 2019 share this reviewed for accuracy on march 11 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm when most pet owners think about dog parks they conjure up images of fencedin play areas where dogs roam free and have fun and in many respects thats true dog parks are a great way for wellsocialized healthy dogs to exercise offleash and interact with their own kind says dr jennifer coates a veterinarian based in fort collins colorado and while dog parks are… read more

wailani sung ms phd dvm dacvb updated may 02 2019 published march 08 2019 share this do you ever wake up and find your cat lying on your chest staring right into your eyes or maybe you feel those green eyes boring a hole into your back as you are working on your computer what is your cat thinking about you have read that direct eye contact in the cat world is considered a threat so you may be wondering what did i do the answer may be nothing there are several different scenarios that might… read more

sandra c mitchell dvm dabvp updated february 10 2021 published march 08 2019 share this feeding your pets seems like such a simple process buy a bag of food and feed it to your pet right but do you really know what a guinea pig can eat it is a lot more complicated than just buying a bag of food guinea pigs have some very specific dietary needs and these may differ from their dietary wants add this to the fact that some guinea pig foods favor taste appeal over good nutrition which makes it… read more

victoria schade cpdtka updated february 10 2021 published march 08 2019 share this image via istockcomgeorgepeters by victoria schade dog breed descriptions are almost like dating profiles pet parents want to match up with the best companion for their lifestyle that is why many pet parents rely on breed profiles to help them decide on important factors like a dogs workout requirements or their personality before committing to a forever relationship learning as much as possible about different… read more

joanna pendergrass dvm updated july 06 2020 published march 07 2019 share this as you go about your daily activities you might notice your dog quietly staring at you your first instinct might be to feel selfconscious is my hair hopelessly disheveled is there something stuck in my teeth but rather than assuming the worst when the question why does my dog stare at me runs through your head rest assured that your dogs stare is not a judgment of your personal appearance dogs have developed a close… read more

petmd editorial published february 18 2019 share this image via istockcomseventyfour by paula fitzsimmons getting your pup off the sofa and moving on a regular basis is essential to her health and wellbeing if you need a tool to support this goal consider using a dog activity trackera type of dog tracking collar that not only complements a dog weight loss program but also provides you with important health data activity trackers for dogs vary in functionality features and price points… read more

jennifer coates dvm updated december 21 2020 published february 14 2019 share this trimming cat nails may not sound like a job for the faint of heart especially with the pressure of avoiding the quick if you cut the quick when trimming cat nails it can be painful for your feline and can lead to bleeding so what is the quick exactly and how do you avoid hitting the quick when trimming cat nails what is the quick the quick contains the blood vessels nerves and other tissues that support a cats… read more

petmd editorial published october 30 2019 share this by now you have probably seen the viral video of cinderblock the overweight cat doing the absolute least when it comes to her exercise regime the video hit reddit and instantly went viral with cinderblock showing up on local and national news channels for her complete lack of commitment to her workout the 8yearold cat was surrendered to northshore veterinary hospital in bellingham washington after her owner could no longer care for her due to… read more

petmd editorial published october 29 2019 share this dog training is an important part of being a responsible pet parent our dogs need to be given the tools they need to adapt and respond to any circumstance they are introduced to while everyone can agree that dogs need to be trained theres a tense debate about the best way to train dogs on one side of the argument you have positive reinforcement trainers that believe that dogs learn more effectively using only positive rewards for successful… read more

petmd editorial published october 21 2019 share this cats are typically considered to be independent creatures that will seek attention on their own terms most people think that cats are pretty indifferent to their caretakers and lead a pretty solitary life however a recent study has found this to very much not be the case researchers at oregon state university recently published a study in current biology in which they examined the bonds formed between cats and their humans they found that… read more

natalie stilwell dvm ms phd updated july 09 2020 published september 19 2019 share this dogs have an excellent sense of smellat least 10000 times stronger than that of a human some scent hound breeds such as the bloodhound and beagle have as many as 225 million olfactory receptors due to their incredible sniffing abilities scent hounds are regularly used for hunting search and rescue and explosive detection recently there has been increased interest and research into how dogs can use their… read more

monica tarantino dvm updated june 11 2020 published september 13 2019 share this with pets living longer than ever cancer has become a diagnosis that we see more commonly in older dogs the american veterinary medical association avma reports that one in four dogs will develop cancer at some time in their life and that 50 of pets over the age of 10 will develop cancer while there are treatments and methods for achieving remission or even curing cancer in dogs each case is different and the… read more