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are these not the cutest pugs these guys are lucky to be alive despite their gorgeous appearance they are the perfect example of something very ugly their harrowing story of survival tells why dogs should not be bred by inexperienced owners and backyard breeders the vast majority of us the story there was once a mama named mandy not her real name whose owners decided it would be a great idea to have lots of baby mandys mandy was mated to another pug she gave birth to eight puppies she would not… read more

ok i wont presume to offer these reasons as fact rather as ideas discussed within veterinary professional circles ill throw in a few of my own opinions too since i cant possibly be expected to keep these to myself 1we charge less for our services in this theory our womanly compassion is the culprit apparently this compassion extends way past the pet and into the clients` pocketbooks supposedly we women feel guilty charging so much when we know how hard it is to make ends meet regrettably i… read more

yep not only do i find this disease of slowmetabolism to be one many of us humans wish we had especially when at a loss to explain why we gained so much weight over the holidayshypothyroidism is an illness pet owners increasingly want their overweight pets tested for wielding the i only feed this much hammer im so commonly hit with they want fido or fluffy screened for the disease wellknown to cause weight gain skin problems hair loss inactivity a subnormal appetite and maybe even behavioral… read more

inspired by todays wall street journals 121306 roundup of shopping blogs i`ve taken the unprecedented step of offering more unsolicited advice so in the rare event that youre still stumped on what to give some of the pet people on your listtoday youre in luck here are my top ten picks for vetsanctioned petthemed presents 10 looking for something personal for a family with a new pup or an aging kitty or anything in between get a paw print kit lots of vets will offer a molded clay impression as a… read more

yesterday i spent more than fifteen minutes on the telephone with the owner of a diabetic severely arthritic nineyearold schnauzer discussing the merits and pitfalls of rimadyl gruffy has been taking rimadyl twice a day for more than a year if mom doesnt give the medication gruffy cant climb the stairs or sleep well yet shes been reading so much about the dangers of this popular nsaid that shes considering taking gruffy off it altogether you can find snaking threads on animal health forums… read more