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videowistia|kvg7uks25s|true many pet parents wonder which human foods are good for their pets a common question that i get from pet parents at my animal hospital is can dogs eat eggs heres everything you need to know about the nutritional value of eggs for dogs are eggs good for dogs can dogs eat cooked eggs the answer is yes cooked eggs are good for dogs dogs can eat hardboiled or scrambled eggs the main objective is that the eggs need to be cooked do not feed raw eggs to dogs eggs are good… read more

in cats it can be difficult to tell the difference between retchingvomiting regurgitation and coughing these are all very different and come with different possible causes so it is important to try and differentiate between them vomiting is the active motion of ejecting contents from a cats stomach and small intestines out through their mouth this is different than regurgitation which is a passive motion where no force is needed to eject contents through the cats mouth you might also mistake… read more

reverse sneezing in dogs can be alarming if you have never experienced it before but luckily its not quite as scary as it sounds reverse sneezing occurs primarily in dogs and much less frequently in cats heres what you need to know about reverse dog sneezing and what you can do to help stop the reverse sneezing what is reverse sneezing in dogs reverse sneezing or a backward sneeze can occur if a dogs soft palate becomes irritated the soft palate of a dog is the muscular area of the back of the… read more

by jennifer coates dvm what do you do when you find diarrhea in the litter boxor worse yet when your cat doesnt quite make it to the litter box an immediate call to the veterinarian might be in order but sometimes you might want to try some home treatment first heres how to respond when your cat develops diarrhea when does cat diarrhea need veterinary attention assess the severity of your cats diarrhea and his overall condition when trying to decide if he should see a veterinarian if your cat… read more

reviewed for accuracy on july 17 2019 by dr jennifer coates dvm dogs can suffer from different types of anxiety some of which can be truly debilitating as pet parents we want to help but were faced with many confusing treatment and medication options your veterinarian paired with an experienced dog trainer that focuses on positive reinforcement are your best resources once your veterinarian has given your dog a clean bill of health they might prescribe a medication for dog anxiety as part of… read more

skin problems are among the most common reasons dogs end up at the veterinarians office a dogs skin condition can have a wide range of causes from external parasites like fleas and mites to allergies and serious endocrine disorders while some dogs skin conditions can be treated at home any worsening skin issue or one that continues beyond one or two weeks without improvement is a good reason to head to your veterinarian here are some telltale signs of common skin problems for dogs and what… read more

videowistia|y67dqp6uku|true at some point youre likely to see your dog limping it can be scary and concerning because its not easy to figure out what caused the limping in the first place limping in dogs is never normal but some of its associated health problems are more serious than others this guide will break down everything you need to know about dog limping and what you can do to help your dog recover their mobility jump to a section here what to do if your dog is limping how to tell which… read more

humans and dogs alike can suffer from hiccups while dog or puppy hiccups can be endearing to us they can be annoying for your dog heres some insight on dog hiccups from what exactly happens when a dog hiccups to why dogs get them and when you should be worried about them what are dog and puppy hiccups hiccups in dogs and puppies are caused by rapid contraction of the diaphragm the diaphragm is a thin strong muscle that separates a dogs chest cavity from their abdomen its the primary muscle… read more

cushings diseasealso known as hypercortisolism and hyperadrenocorticismis a serious disease that most affects middleaged and senior dogs it can be serious if left untreated heres what you need to know about cushings disease in dogsfrom types and symptoms to treatment and care what is cushings disease in dogs cushings disease hyperadrenocorticism occurs when the adrenal gland secretes too much stress hormone or cortisol videowistia|415a7rxyal|true what causes cushings disease in dogs cushings… read more

if you have a dog thats predisposed to pancreatitis or one that tends to sneak fatty foods when youre out on a walk you might want to know more about the symptoms and treatment of pancreatitis in dogs heres what you need to know about pancreatitis in dogs so you can have a better understanding of this condition videowistia|vpq9cmu45q|true what is pancreatitis in dogs the pancreas is an organ in the abdominal cavity one of its roles is producing digestive enzymes which helps break down food… read more

reviewed for accuracy on may 1 2018 by dr katie grzyb dvm youre gently petting your cat when she begins nipping at your hand which leaves many cat owners wondering why is my cat biting me these socalled cat love bites dont typically draw blood but they happen suddenly which leaves you wondering what caused the change in your cats behavior biting owners during petting is one of the most common behavioral problems of cats says dr kelly ballantyne a boardcertified veterinary behaviorist at the… read more

were just beginning to understand the benefits of probiotics for dogs what we do know is that probiotics for dogs can aid digestion modulate the immune system provide intestinal benefits by producing shortchain fatty acids which inhibit harmful bacteria they may also treat diarrhea irritable bowel and intestinal inflammation prevent urinary tract infections reduce allergic reactions by decreasing intestinal permeability and controlling inflammation heres a breakdown on probiotics for dogsfrom… read more

dogs stomachs make noises just like ours whether its growling rumbling or gurgling a noisy dog stomach can mean a number of things often it simply means your dog is hungry and their stomach is empty occasionally the rumbling means theyve just had a big meal and their stomach is working hard to digest all that food other times they make a lot of noise because of indigestion or an upset stomach so how do you know if dog stomach noises are signs of a problem heres what the noises could mean and… read more

by geoff williams why is my cat peeing on the bed discovering youre lying on sheets soaked in cat pee may be the only time youve been awake in bed and wished you were having a nightmare but alas cat urination on your mattress is one of those dilemmas that some pet parents deal with as you might expect a cat micturating on your bed is sometimes due to a medical problem if a cat is urinating out of the litter box problems like bladder stones and a bladder infection both of which cause severe… read more

many people are familiar with catnip but not everyone knows what type of plant it is or the science behind how it affects a cats mood and behaviors this article will give you some insight on how catnip works why cats go crazy for it and whether theres such a thing as a cat having too much catnip what is catnip catnip or nepeta cataria is a common herb that is a member of the mint family its a plant that is easy to grow in north america and has featherlike lightgreen foliage with lavender… read more

panting can be a normal behavior for a dog but it can also signal an underlying medical issue so how do you know when your dogs panting is a sign that somethings wrong heres what you need to know about dog panting what causes dog panting here are some common reasons why dogs pant heat panting is a normal behavior for happy and active dogs it helps dogs cool themselves down because they cant sweat like humans do panting allows a dog to rapidly inhale humidify then exhale the air which increases… read more

you only left the kitchen for a minute but when you return its already too late the roasted chicken you just pulled out of the oven is gone the only potential culprit is sitting on the floor panting wagging his tail and looking quite pleased with himselfas if the cat is clearly to blame you panic when you realize that your dog has eaten the chicken bones too do you rush him to the vet immediately heres what you need to do and watch out for if your dog ate chicken bones is it bad for dogs to eat… read more

videowistia|qfoekthohr|true i had the best dog she saw me through veterinary school marriage and the birth of my first child we grew up together but by the time she was 14 years old veena was suffering from painful arthritis in her hips and back along with gi problems and was having difficulty seeing i had been a veterinarian for years and performed euthanasia for countless clients however now it was time for me to face that difficult heartwrenching decision like all of my clients i wished that… read more

previous next view all slides why do dogs lick and chew their paws if your dog is licking his paws youll need to find out the underlying cause and whether its an issue that requires a vet visit the problem is that there are so many possible reasons why dogs lick or chew at their paws heres a guide for determining the cause of the paw licking spotting other symptoms and treating and protecting your dogs paws 18 reasons dogs lick or chew their paws dogs will occasionally lick their paws as part… read more

reviewed and updated for accuracy on january 23 2020 by dr wailani sung ms phd dvm dacvb at some point youve probably caught your cat kneadingrhythmically pushing their paws in and out against a soft object which could be a blanket or even your lap its also referred to as making biscuits because the action is like kneading dough while not all cats knead its a common behavior for young and adult felines alike some cats knead and purr contentedly when theyre being petted but they may also seem to… read more

decreased appetite hyporexia or loss of appetite anorexia in dogs can be stressful for pet parents and can often indicate an underlying medical condition anorexia for more than 24 hours should not be ignored as it is often a warning that something else is going on heres some insight on why your dog is not eating including a questionnaire that can help you get to the root of the issue and some tips for what you can do to help reasons why dogs wont eat there can be many reasons why a dog wont eat… read more

note if you are thinking of breeding your male or female dog please contact your veterinarian about important steps to take to ensure safe and healthy breeding practices in addition female dogs ideally should not be vaccinated while they are pregnant so please confirm with your veterinarian that your dog is up to date with her vaccinations and heartwormflea prevention before breeding many veterinarians across the country specialize or have a particular interest in canine reproduction it is… read more

videowistia|dmfcna0d8g|true youre taking your dog for a walk and you decide to stop at the dog park and let your golden retriever play with other dogs then you see her humping another dog you might have thought that only male dogs do this and that it had to do with hormones so why do female dogs hump too is it normal for female dogs to hump all dogs can and do hump on occasion whether they are male or female this is considered a very normal behavior although it can be embarrassing or annoying… read more

sneezing is a useful bodily function in which the body forcefully expels irritants from the nose a multitude of animal species sneeze including dogs chickens elephants certain lizards and cats if your cat is sneezing it may just be part of the normal process to clear their nose that usually isnt concerning however if the sneezing is persistent or if other symptoms are present it may indicate an underlying disease heres what you need to know about cat sneezingfrom the causes and concerns to how… read more

sneezing can be a normal occurrence in dogs but in certain situations you may wonder if excessive sneezing is a cause for concern there are many reasons why dogs sneeze so its important to distinguish between playful or communicative dog sneezing versus an indicator of a more serious underlying health condition here are some common reasons why your dog might be sneezing along with other signs to look for what to do if your dog wont stop sneezing and when to take your dog to the veterinarian why… read more