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monica tarantino dvm updated february 10 2021 published july 16 2019 share this vaccination faqs jump to a specific question and answer 1 my pet has always had a reaction to vaccines what causes this 2 how safe are pet vaccines do they cause cancer illness or fatal side effects later 3 which vaccines are really necessary for catsdogs 4 is it possible to overvaccinate 5 are there any vaccines that are no longer necessary 6 how long do the vaccines stay in your pets system 7 why arent pets… read more

natalie stilwell dvm ms phd updated july 09 2020 published june 24 2019 share this reviewed for accuracy on june 24 2019 by dr natalie stilwell dvm with pet ownership on the rise in the us the pet industry is seeing an uptick in pet food sales across the board according to the american pet products association american pet owners spent an estimated $3032 billion on pet food in 2018 which represents a 43 percent increase over 2017 spending pet owners are not just buying more kibblemany are… read more

laci schaible dvm msl cvj updated january 21 2021 published june 17 2019 share this lilies arent just dangerous to catsthey pose a risk to dogs too while lethal lily poisonings are rare in dogs lilies are still considered to be poisonous to our canine companions you should be aware of lily toxicity in dogs so you can help keep your pets protected heres everything you need to know about lily poisoning in dogs including the types of toxic lilies signs of lily toxicity and treatment methods which… read more

sandra c mitchell dvm dabvp updated june 19 2020 published june 13 2019 share this your heart sinks as you realize what has happened you were slicing an avocado for your cobb salad and your black labrador retriever scarfed up a slice that slid off the cutting board you panic my dog just ate avocado are avocados poisonous to dogs should you take him right to the emergency clinic relax and take a deep breath it is likely that your pup will be just fine is it okay if my dog eats avocado avocado… read more

natalie stilwell dvm ms phd updated june 30 2020 published june 12 2019 share this vaccination is important for preventing serious diseases from affecting your dog but why give your pet five shots when they could get what they need in one for dogs several of the most common vaccines are typically given together in a single shot thats known as the dhpp vaccine 5in1 vaccine for dogs or 5way puppy shot this combination vaccine is considered a core vaccine which means all dogs should receive it… read more

monica tarantino dvm updated april 07 2020 published may 29 2019 share this once a tick bites dogs who are not on preventative medication are left completely vulnerable all dogs not protected with flea and tick medicine are considered susceptible to tickborne diseases which are passed on to pets through tick bites how tick diseases in dogs work when a tick attaches to your pet to feed on blood the tick can deposit a diseasecausing organism into your pet ticks often have to be attached for 2448… read more

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petmd editorial updated october 30 2018 published july 16 2008 share this conjunctivitis in cats conjunctivitis refers to the inflammation of the moist tissues in a cats eye which are the portions of the eye located near the globe and up to the edge of the cornea the front part of the eye it can cause the cats eye to discharge fluid and other uncomfortable symptoms for the animal treatment ultimately is based on the underlying cause of the condition symptoms and types there are several common… read more

sandra c mitchell dvm dabvp updated february 10 2021 published may 21 2019 share this there it is againthat horrible sound coming from your dog at night that almost reminds you of a goose honking in their sleep and its almost always followed by a harsh gagging sound while dog gagging can be a benign behavior there are things you need to know and be aware of so that you know when it is time to visit your veterinarian the difference between dog gagging coughing and vomiting and why its important… read more

ellen malmanger dvm published january 19 2021 share this there has been a recent surge in pet parents considering raw humangrade limited ingredient or freezedried food their cats and dogs freezedried cat food accounts for much less of the total cat food sold when compared to kibble or canned food but it is a growing category because there are many health risks associated with dietary nutritional deficiencies in cats many of which are irreversible or untreatable it is always best to consult… read more

matthew everett miller dvm published january 18 2021 share this it goes without saying that as a cat parent you want your feline friend to enjoy a life thats as long and as pleasant as possible a huge part of supporting your cats health is ensuring that they have the right nutrition as a result selecting a cat food is a pretty important decision this is compounded by the fact that there are now tons more cat food options than ever before many pet owners are turning to the increasingly abundant… read more

jennifer coates dvm published january 05 2021 share this many pet food brands label their products as being humangrade but what does this really mean is humangrade dog food safer or healthier than traditional pet food lets take a look at the ingredients manufacturing and packaging requirements that pet foods claim to meet when they use the term humangrade and whether or not they offer any real benefits to pets what is humangrade dog food until recently the term humangrade has not been… read more

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petmd editorial updated april 18 2017 published july 18 2008 share this coprophagia and pica in dogs pica is a medical issue referring to a dogs craving of a nonfood item and the subsequent eating of said item coprophagia meanwhile is the eating and ingesting of feces generally neither of these conditions are the result of an underlying disease however it can occur fortunately there are treatment options in these types of cases or behavior modification practices that can be implemented if it is… read more

heather hoffmann dvm published september 01 2020 share this small dogs have become increasingly popular due to their compact size however we need to consider that due to their smaller size they have specific nutritional needs and a genetic predisposition to certain health problems if cared for properly small dog breeds can have a long life span here are some general guidelines on how to keep small dogs healthy from puppyhood to their senior stage of life jump to section list of small dog breeds… read more

laura dayton dvm published august 11 2020 share this can puppies get heartworms adopting a new puppy means youll have plenty of questions and a lot of information take in it can be overwhelming but you should understand the risk of heartworms in puppies puppy heartworm prevention is an important aspect of new puppy care alongside flea and tick prevention heres what you need to know about heartworm disease and when to start heartworm prevention for puppies at what age do you start puppy… read more

carol thompson vmd lshcs published july 06 2020 share this deaf dogs are more common than you thinkthey make up approximately 510 of the pet population hearing loss can be congenital they are born with it or acquired acquired hearing loss can come from injury drug reactions or agerelated loss congenital hearing loss is seen at a young age and is often associated with coat color patterns no matter the cause of deafness just because a dog cannot hear it doesnt mean they are untrainable you just… read more

amanda ardente dvm phd updated october 20 2020 published may 27 2020 share this theres something about cat food that makes it virtually irresistible to a dog most dogs regardless of breed age and how wellbehaved they are will sniff out and snack on cat food if its available but is eating cat food bad for a dog heres what you need to know about dog nutrition and whether its safe for dogs to eat cat food whats the difference between dog food and cat food dogs are omnivores and therefore can… read more

heidi kosbarber dvm published may 27 2020 share this ultrasounds can be very useful in diagnosing health issues in dogs and cats heres what you need to know about ultrasounds for pets what is an ultrasound an ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that uses sound waves to create an image of a body part during an ultrasound the veterinarian uses a computer with a handheld probe the probe is moved across the surface of the skin over the site of interest the sound waves generated by the ultrasound are… read more

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petmd editorial updated march 16 2016 published july 17 2008 share this vaginal discharge refers to any substance coming from the animals vagina types of discharge can include mucus blood or pus since there are so many causes for this medical condition consulting with a veterinarian is highly recommended symptoms symptoms can include discharge from the animals vagina spotting of blood scooting the hindquarters attracting males causes reasons for why an animal would experience discharge include… read more

victoria schade cpdtka updated june 10 2020 published march 07 2019 share this dogs and children are the stuff of greeting cards but not if youve got a dog thats not a fan of the pintsized crowd it can be embarrassing if your dog is reactive around children and depending on the intensity of the display it can be downright dangerous colleen pelar author of living with kids and dogs without losing your mind points out that a dog thats fine with kids is not the same as a dog thats good with kids… read more

sandra c mitchell dvm dabvp updated february 10 2021 published march 07 2019 share this have you ever seen some ducks swimming contentedly in a park pond and wondered to yourself whether you can keep ducks as pets well you are not alone more and more people are bringing ducks home to be part of their daily lives if you think pet ducks might be the right fit for you here are some tips for duck care and issues to consider before adopting a duck as a pet check your local laws if you are… read more

ken lambrecht dvm updated july 20 2020 published march 07 2019 share this smart technology for cat weight loss you must think i am kidding right this not so futuristic solution is actually not as farfetched as you think its a modern approach to one of the toughest challenges in pet health to dategetting and keeping cats at their healthy weight these devices have been tested and shown to be effective and they are getting more affordable for the record im not against simply using puzzle feeders… read more

petmd editorial updated march 12 2019 published february 20 2019 share this image via istockcompiotr krzeslak dog owner cecilia celis is warning pet parents of the threat of hawks after her 2pound yorkie lulu was snatched by a large bird outside their home in nevada we just hear them barking and crying celis tells abc 13 so we are like oh theyre just play fighting and a second later i just look outside we see a huge birdlike the wing like fly up so i run up and i yell at the bird im like get… read more

petmd editorial published february 15 2019 share this image via istockcomvesnaandjic the louis stokes cleveland va medical centerone of the last sites in the country still performing tests on dogsis being investigated at the request of lawmakers the investigation is exploring whether the medical center for veterans performed taxpayerfunded animal testing without the approval by the former va secretary which is required by law according to fox 8 a new shipment of dogs are expected to arrive at… read more

petmd editorial updated november 25 2020 published february 14 2019 share this providing the best possible pet care for our furry family members is every pet parents goal to keep a pet happy and healthy there several duties that responsible pet owners perform routinely from maintaining dental care at home and scheduling professional dental cleanings to staying current with heartworm prevention prescription flea and tick prevention and annual vet visits there are a variety of pet care tasks you… read more

jennifer coates dvm updated february 10 2021 published may 16 2019 share this a common question that dog owners have is whether or not our pups can tell the difference between dogs and other animals when youre out on a walk and another dog approaches can your dog sense exactly what kind of animal it is an initial assumption might be that dogs rely on their incredible sense of smell to differentiate between fellow dogs and other animals but if you removed that option can dogs accurately rely on… read more