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videowistia|rtg8jyjb3x|true note its always best to contact your veterinarian for guidance before administering any medication to your pet including benadryl benadryl also known by its generic name diphenhydramine is one of the few overthecounter drugs that veterinarians routinely have owners administer at home you might be looking for benadryl to ease your dogs anxiety or maybe your dog was stung by an insect and is having a mild allergic reaction while benadryl is generally well tolerated… read more

gabapentin has a variety of uses in veterinary medicine and prescribing gabapentin for dogs especially is becoming more popular amongst veterinarians heres everything you need to know about gabapentin for dogs jump to a section what is gabapentin for dogs what is gabapentin used for in dogs what are the side effects of gabapentin whats the dosage of gabapentin for dogs can you use gabapentin and trazodone together for dogs can dogs take cbd and gabapentin is gabapentin or tramadol better for… read more

one of the best ways to keep dogs healthy is to feed them the right amount of a highquality dog food feeding your dog too much or not enough can have certain health consequences heres why it matters and what you can do to determine how much to feed your dog why the right dog food amount matters if you feed your dog too little they can suffer from nutritional deficiencies however if you feed your dog too much it will eventually result in obesity and its related health issues like musculoskeletal… read more

theres nothing that can get a pet parent moving quite like the sound of a dog vomiting or about to vomit its a sound that all pet parents recognize and hate to hear so what causes dog vomiting dogs vomit for many reasons some of the reasons are nothing to worry about but sometimes vomiting is a sign of a serious health problem that needs immediate veterinary care learning to tell the difference can be tricky but its important to know why dogs vomit when you should be concerned and what you can… read more

videowistia|zzbm7yeynh|true reviewed and updated for accuracy on march 10 2020 by dr aja senestraro dvm jump to a section symptoms causes vet treatment 9 tips and home remedies constipation is common in cats usually its mild and you can help your cat with simple home treatments but sometimes constipation in cats can indicate more serious health issues and it can become very severe and uncomfortable so how do you know when its a serious problem that needs vet attention heres what you need to… read more

videowistia|b3yabhvy56|true when you have an upset stomach you probably reach for ginger ale or crackers to settle your tummy but what should you do when your dogs stomach is out of sorts heres some information about the causes and symptoms of upset stomach in dogs and tips for how to make your pup feel better with natural remedies common causes of upset stomach in dogs there are many reasons your dog may have an upset stomach though theres one common cause they ate something they shouldnt have… read more

videowistia|1mpp9ltz9a|true reviewed and updated for accuracy on february 13 2020 by dr jennifer coates dvm eye discharge is a common problem in dogs some types are completely normal while others are associated with potentially serious health concerns in order to determine when you need to take your dog to the vet youll need to understand the various types of dog eye discharge and what each may mean 5 common types of eye discharge in dogs lets take a look at five common types of dog eye… read more

as gross as it may seem we all check out our dogs poop and actually checking your dogs poop is a really good habit to get into dog poop or stool can tell us a lot about a dogs health changes in color consistency and frequency of your dogs poop can be one of the first signs of illness one of the most concerning changes you may notice is blood in your dogs poop if your dog is pooping blood its helpful to have an idea of what might have caused it and to know what to do why is your dog pooping… read more

reviewed for accuracy on march 12 2019 by dr katie grzyb dvm puppies do plenty of adorable things that we love they pounce around with their big clumsy paws snooze in all sorts of weird positions and unknowingly pose for the cutest pictures but puppies require diligent training in order to grow into wellbehaved adult dogs and crate training puppies is often necessary to keep these young canines safe and out of trouble however if youve tried crate training a puppy you know its not easy one of… read more

every part of the body can be injured or affected by disease including a dogs penis problems affecting the penis are uncomfortable and may be a sign of a potentially serious health condition this guide will help you determine if your dogs penis is healthy or if you need to make a call to your veterinarian dog penis health what is normal in order to recognize when something is wrong with your dogs penis you need to know what normal looks like most of the time what you see on the outside of a… read more

canine parvovirus cpv or commonly referred to as parvo is one of the most serious viruses that dogs can get thankfully it is very preventable with proper vaccination this virus was discovered in 1967 and has rapidly become a serious threat to canine health this is primarily due to the fact that the virus is hard to kill can live for a long time in the environment and is shed in large quantities by infected dogs the virus is also highly contagious which is why the parvo vaccine is considered a… read more

reviewed and updated on may 19 2020 by dr jennifer coates your dogs poop can actually tell you a lot about their health so before you pick it up always take a quick peek to make sure your dogs poop looks normal if you see mucus in your dogs stool find out what could be causing it and when you should see the vet is mucus in my dogs stool dangerous a little bit of mucus in a dogs stool is not a reason to panic and there are some ways you can help at home be sure to mention these occurrences at… read more

videowistia|0wm1hcu1xl|true reviewed and updated on may 3 2020 by katie grzyb dvm in this article what makes a good family dog setting up a meet and greet 5 questions to ask when choosing a family dog list of top family dogs what makes a good family dog to determine which dog is best for your particular family dr holly putnam dvm and former board member for the association of shelter veterinarians suggests that you consider the size of the dog as well as your familys lifestyle and what energy… read more

yeast are sporeproducing fungi that are always present on a dogs skin usually in low numbers as part of the normal flora a yeast infection happens when theres an excessive amount of yeast in a certain area yeast infections in dogs are quite common and can occur anywhere on the skin including the ears generally yeast infections are caused by another issue anything that diminishes the normal defenses in the skin can make yeast infections more likely dog breeds that are more prone to yeast… read more

videowistia|1xuh3nn9hn|true have you ever caught your dog eating poop and asked yourself ugh why do dogs eat poop well you are definitely not alone poopeating also called coprophagia in dogs is not exactly a hobby that you would consider ideal for your furry family member heres everything you need to know about why dogs eat poop and what you can or should do about it why dogs eat poop the scientific term for the habit of poopeating is coprophagia dogs eat poop for a variety of reasons some are… read more

videowistia|d3e7h9090x|true click to jump to dog stool infographic there are few things that will bring an animal into the vet quite as quickly as a bout of diarrhea for most small animal veterinarians it is something we see on a daily basis sometimes dog diarrhea cases are easy with quick fixes unfortunately this is not always the case chronic or extensive dog diarrhea cases can be frustrating for both the pet parent and the doctor because they are expensive and difficult to understand this… read more

there it is againthat horrible sound coming from your dog at night that almost reminds you of a goose honking in their sleep and its almost always followed by a harsh gagging sound while dog gagging can be a benign behavior there are things you need to know and be aware of so that you know when it is time to visit your veterinarian the difference between dog gagging coughing and vomiting and why its important dog gagging is sort of a nonscientific description of the noise an animal makes… read more

videowistia|wivhroj6jh|true reviewed and updated for accuracy on august 11 2020 by susanne felser dvm youve probably seen your dog scarf down something that is indigestible and chuck it right back up later intermittent instances of dog vomiting are generally fine and mostly not concerning from a health perspective the presence of bile however is a different story this yellowgreen substance is similarly unpleasant to clean up but if its in your dogs vomit and especially if your dog is throwing… read more

updated and reviewed for accuracy on april 7 2020 by dr katie grzyb dvm when your cat starts urinating outside the litter box the smell can be difficult to get rid of and nearly impossible to mask whether your cat pees on the carpet a piece of furniture bed linens or your clothes its important to neutralize the odor to prevent your cat from becoming a repeat offender cats often return to a spot where they have previously urinated if the odor is not eliminated its also important to determine the… read more

updated and reviewed on march 30 2019 by dr savanna parsons dvm every part of the body can be injured or affected by disease and this includes a dogs vagina symptoms involving the vagina are uncomfortable and may be signs of a potentially serious health condition this guide will help you determine whats normal when you should be worried about your dogs vaginal health and whether you need to call your veterinarian anatomy of the dog vagina the outer portion of a female dogs reproductive tract is… read more

a familiar phrase claims that the eyes are the windows to the soul but in cats its their tail position that provides the greatest insight into what a cat is feeling cats use their tail movements along with their eyes ears and body postures to communicate understanding cat tail language will help you to better understand your cat you can read your cats body language to determine how they feel about particular interactions and to identify the situations or environments that make your cat happy or… read more

reviewed and updated for accuracy on april 14 2020 by jennifer coates dvm accidents happen so as a pet parent knowing how to clean and treat your dogs minor scrapes or cuts at home can be very helpful you should also be able to recognize when veterinary attention is needed this guide will help you determine when you should go to the vet what pet first aid supplies you should keep at home and how to handle minor wounds when to take your dog to the vet these types of injuries should be treated by… read more

reviewed for accuracy on july 17 2019 by dr jennifer coates dvm dogs can suffer from different types of anxiety some of which can be truly debilitating as pet parents we want to help but were faced with many confusing treatment and medication options your veterinarian paired with an experienced dog trainer that focuses on positive reinforcement are your best resources once your veterinarian has given your dog a clean bill of health they might prescribe a medication for dog anxiety as part of… read more

skin problems are among the most common reasons dogs end up at the veterinarians office a dogs skin condition can have a wide range of causes from external parasites like fleas and mites to allergies and serious endocrine disorders while some dogs skin conditions can be treated at home any worsening skin issue or one that continues beyond one or two weeks without improvement is a good reason to head to your veterinarian here are some telltale signs of common skin problems for dogs and what… read more

videowistia|y67dqp6uku|true at some point youre likely to see your dog limping it can be scary and concerning because its not easy to figure out what caused the limping in the first place limping in dogs is never normal but some of its associated health problems are more serious than others this guide will break down everything you need to know about dog limping and what you can do to help your dog recover their mobility jump to a section here what to do if your dog is limping how to tell which… read more