Reptile & Amphibian Center

Abnormal Skin Shedding in Reptiles



You can treat many cases of abnormal skin shedding in reptiles in the comfort of your own home. Spray or soak the animal in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes and then gently rub or peel the skin away. If the spectacles have not shed, apply an artificial tears ointment and wait about 10 minutes before gently rubbing them off the eye or lifting them away with a fingernail. If after repeating these treatments over the course of a few days there is no improvement, or if the underlying skin looks red or otherwise unhealthy, take the reptile to a veterinarian.



Living and Management


If moisture levels within the terrarium must be kept low, add a hide box containing a layer of moist sphagnum moss to provide an area of relatively higher humidity.




Maintaining proper humidity levels within a reptile’s terrarium, providing a surface on which to rub and a water bowl in which to soak, and keeping pets in good health will prevent most cases of abnormal skin shedding.