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Reptile Parasites & Worms in Reptiles



Treatment for intestinal parasitism involves the use of anthelmintics or dewormers that kill or help the reptile’s body eliminate the parasites. While some antibiotics or medications are effective against certain types of microscopic parasites, others do not respond well to any treatment. Closely follow the directions on all prescribed medications. In many cases, a second course of treatment is necessary to eliminate the parasite completely.


Living and Management


Regular wellness exams and fecal testing with a veterinarian can prevent the problems associated with intestinal parasites. When parasites cannot be eliminated from a reptile’s environment, deworming on a predetermined schedule may be necessary.


Quarantining new reptiles before introducing them to healthy reptiles for three months (or until they are thoroughly dewormed) is another important step in managing a terrarium.




Other than keeping its enclosure clean, a good way to keep your reptile parasite-free (or to keep the number of already found parasites in the reptile low) is to take it to a veterinarian regularly for checkups and de-wormings. Additionally, feeding carnivorous reptiles an exclusive diet of pre-killed frozen prey can help prevent the introduction of new parasites in your reptile(s).