Itching or Scratching in Rabbits



After identifying the underlying cause, the veterinarian will begin treatment. If allergies are thought to be the cause, they will prescribe antihistamines. Otherwise, sprays, ointments or gels for local application are given; sometimes a zinc oxide plus menthol powder is prescribed. However, it is important that during treatment the affected area should be kept clean and dry.


Living and Management


Sometimes the application of anything topically -- soaps and products containing alcohol, iodine, and benzoyl peroxide -- can worsen itching; plain cool water may be soothing in these cases. However, use extreme caution when bathing or dipping a rabbit into water, as it may become stressed and shake to the point of causing skeletal fractures. Also, prevent the rabbit or its cage mates from licking ointments/gels before they are dry, and watch for signs for toxicity in the rabbit(s).