Lump under the Skin in Rabbits

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Treatment will depend on the abscess' location and the underlying cause. But the rabbit may be treated at home with antibiotics, if a bacterial infection is to blame or if the case is mild. For more serious cases, surgical removal of the abscess and hospital care may be necessary.

Living and Management

Activity should be restricted until all tissues have been properly healed. The patient should be monitored after treatment, and follow up visits to the veterinarian -- especially if surgery was performed -- are a necessity. Any prescribed medications should be administered on a regular basis.


In some cases, abscessation can be prevented in rabbits. Providing high-fiber foods and good quality hay, and periodically trimming overgrown crowns in the mouth may prevent dental disease. Joint and feet abscesses may be avoided by providing clean, solid surfaces in the animal’s home habitat. A generally healthy diet and lifestyle is also advised.

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