Cancer Of The Uterus in Rabbits



Treatment for uterine adenocarcinoma may involve a complete hysterectomy to remove the diseased parts of your rabbit’s organs. This is usually the primary treatment, especially if the cancer has not spread beyond the reproductive organs. A biopsy can be performed to confirm whether the cancer remains in the reproductive organs, or has spread outward to the surrounding organs. Sometimes there is no evidence of the spread of cancer during the time of surgery.


Follow-up care may include chemotherapy and medications for pain management.


Living and Management


Patient monitoring may be necessary during the first couple of years after the initial care to make sure that the remission was successful. If no metastasis (spread) of the disease is evident, then the outcome for the patient is relatively judged to be good. If metastasis of the adenocarcinoma occurs, death may occur within two years of the initial diagnosis.