Bleeding From the Nose in Rabbits



Your veterinarian will want to treat the symptoms first; this means stopping the bleeding before your rabbit's health becomes further complicated. Drugs will be given to control bleeding and promote clotting. If an infection is identified, antibiotics will be prescribed. Otherwise, treatment will be dependent on the final diagnosis.


Living and Management


Follow-up care for your rabbit will include re-examination of the blood clotting time in order to avoid or quickly control recurrences. At home, you will need to monitor your rabbit for any clinical signs and symptoms, and make the environment in which your rabbit lives as safe as possible from injury, to prevent excessive bleeding from occurring. If your rabbit has been found to have a clotting disorder, you will need to be especially vigilant about preventing accidents, even minor ones.


Though rare, life-threatening anemia and collapse may occur if the epistaxis is not treated promptly and appropriately.