Spinal Column Disorder in Rabbits

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If obesity is the cause of the spinal disorder, the veterinarian will put the rabbit on an exercise and diet regimen. If the rabbit is not able to move or get around, it may require basic hygiene care such as regular baths and a constant change of bedding.


Pain is a frequent symptom of spondylosis and the veterinarian will usually prescribe pain-relievers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for this, while antibiotics are recommended to protect against infection. In some cases, however, certain steroid medications are used in rabbits to assist in wound healing or to protect against ulcers.


Living and Management


Regular exercise and a healthy diet rich in fresh greens will help prevent or reduce obesity, a contributing factor to this spinal disorder. Also, the disease typically progresses with age, so bring the rabbit to the veterinarian for routine follow-up exams, especially as it gets older.