Eye Inflammation in Rabbits



In most mild to moderate cases, the rabbit can be treated at home. However, some severe cases may require hospital care for the animal.


Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Other medications may include topical agents to be applied directly to the eye, and antibiotics to fight bacterial infection.


If E. cuniculi is to blame, certain medications may be prescribed. Or in severe cases, lens removal may be necessary. Note that spontaneous lens regeneration is possible in rabbits.


Living and Management


A complete eye examination should follow five to seven days after treatment. The veterinarian may monitor the intra-eye pressure at the time, as as secondary glaucoma is a risk in cases of anterior uveitis.


After two to three weeks the rabbit will again be reevaluated. During this evaluation time, symptoms will be monitored, medication will be administered regularly, and the rabbit will be encouraged to eat. And regardless of the rabbit's initial response to treatment, it should continue for at least two months.




There is no known way to prevent anterior uveitis. However, some of the condition's causes, such as trauma, may be avoided by keeping pets away from dangerous situations.