Bacterial Infection or Fluid Filled Cysts of the Lactating Glands in Rabbits



If the infection is severe, chronic, or recurring, surgical removal of mammary glands and ovaries and uterus may need to be performed for the overall health of your rabbit. If the infection is being treated in an early stage, and is not considered severe, antibiotics that are specific to the bacteria that is present will be administered with caution.


Living and Management


At home, you will need to maintain a clean environment to prevent reinfections. If your rabbit has been diagnosed with cystic mastitis, and the condition is recurring or chronic, removal of the mammary glands is advisable, since cystic mastitis may progress to cancer.


There are complications that can occur, and will need to be watched for. Abscess formation can cause loss of the mammary gland(s), death to the adult rabbit, or death of the suckling newborns.


Progress and recovery depends on the severity and extent of the mastitis.