Inflammation of the Ear Canal in Rabbits



Treatment and care will depend on the underlying cause of the inflammation. Even if your rabbits is asymptomatic (without symptoms), it can be helpful to treat the ear tissue. This may require clinical treatment, such as using fluid to flush the ear canal while the rabbit is under anesthesia. Your veterinarian has the best possible chance of treating the pain and fluid buildup without harming the rabbit by placing it under anesthesia. In some instances antibiotic therapy may be needed if parts of the middle or inner ear have ruptured, either to resolve an infection, or to prevent it. Antibiotics will be used with caution, and only if they are necessary.


If ear mites are found to be contributing to the problem, your veterinarian will provide medications to eliminate the ear mites and to treat the irritated skin.


Living and Management


A healthy diet, one that includes plenty of fresh and healthy greens is often recommended to maintain good health and a healthy immune system. A steady diet of foods including cilantro, romaine, carrot tops, dandelion greens, and other healthy fresh and leafy green vegetables is highly recommended for keeping rabbits healthy and vibrant.