Chronic Weight Loss and Tissue Wasting in Rabbits

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Treatment entails identifying and treating the underlying problems that result in weight loss. Care will be given to alleviate the symptoms while looking for the disease process that is causing the symptoms. Pain relief for cancer, and electrolyte replacement for dehydration and fluid loss will be given until your rabbit's health has stabilized. Most rabbits will be fed as soon as possible unless the diagnosis indicates otherwise. Your rabbit will be given a proper diet that includes plenty of fresh greens, or if the rabbit is unable to eat or keep food down, it will be fed using a supplementary method. Depending on your rabbit's health status and the severity of the underlying condition, you may be able to feed your rabbit using a feeding tube at home, or it may need to be cared for in hospital.


Living and Management


The prognosis for your rabbit will vary depending on the nature of the disease or disorder resulting in the weight loss. Often, when a disease has reached a state of cachexia, it has become severe and the prognosis is guarded to poor.


In all cases provisions for healthy feed will include fresh greens, and in some cases easily digestible vegetable baby foods may be warranted and highly advisable. Routine follow-up care may also be advisable to support the best possible outcome.


Frequent monitoring may or may not be needed, depending on the nature of the cause and the overall health and wellness of your rabbit.