Denver Becomes the Latest U.S. City to Ban Declawing Cats


Becoming the first city in the state of Colorado to ban elective cat declawing, Denver has made the decision to prohibit veterinarians from performing the...

By Aly Semigran    Nov 15, 2017

Do Pets Know When They Are Full?


I often get asked what, how much, and when to feed dogs and cats. I don’t have a standard answer, because it depends on the specific animal. Some animals can...

By Hanie Elfenbein    Nov 14, 2017

Kitten Born with Imperforate Anus to Have Surgery


When a tiny kitten named Cluck was brought to a rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, in late October, she was a little bit different from...

By Aly Semigran    Nov 14, 2017

Life With Pets, Episode 4: Your Dog's Amazing Sniffer




In this jam-packed episode of Life With Pets, host Victoria Schade chats with bestselling author Alexandra Horowitz, author...

By PetMD Editorial    Nov 13, 2017

Puppy Survives Overdose After Accidentally Ingesting Opioids During Walk


A seemingly routine walk for a dog owner in Andover, Massachusetts, turned into a harrowing lesson on how the nation's READ MORE

By Aly Semigran    Nov 13, 2017