What Are the Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats?


Fish oils are nutritional supplements with many reported health benefits. For people, fish oils can help reduce the risk of heart attacks,...

By Dr. Joanna Pendergrass    Dec 18, 2018

Can Kittens Drink Milk?


People may think that you can give kittens a saucer of milk, but is cow milk actually healthy for kittens? What about soy milk, goat milk or almond milk? Are those...

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How Often Should You Trim a Cat’s Nails?


A cat uses its nails for many different activities, including scratching, climbing and marking territory. Interestingly, cat nails are retractable,...

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Cats Knocking Things Off Tables and Other Cat Behaviors Explained


The life of a cat appears to be idle and indulgent. Looking over at my cats as they lounge in their READ MORE

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Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face, and Is It a Problem?


As a dog owner, you are probably familiar with dog face licking, whether you think it’s cute or not. But why do dogs lick your face? Should you stop the behavior?


By Wailani Sung    Dec 04, 2018