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Why Dogs Should NOT Eat ‘People Food’
“Love hurts,” or, in the case of feeding your dog “table food,” love can kill, slowly. We all want to show our pets how much we love them and help them to feel more a part of the family. So we slip them a little treat off our plate—but only on holidays… and then when they are really well behaved during a party, and soon we find ourselves feeding Fido daily off our own plate. While the...
Feral Cats and Wildlife – Are the Cats as Bad as ‘They’ Say?
Feral cats are frequently maligned; by neighbors, local communities, bird enthusiasts, and even some ecological groups. Some communities even go so far as to ban feeding programs or, worse yet, euthanize feral cats. A common argument against feral cats is that they prey on local wildlife, significantly reducing the population of at-risk species, perhaps to the point of near or full extinction....