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The Mystery of the Wombat’s Cube-Shaped Poop Has Been Solved

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Nov 19, 2018


Oregon Zoo Shares Zoo Animal X-Rays

Image via   In order to keep zoo animals healthy, the Oregon Zoo makes sure to perform regular health checks.   READ MORE

Oct 26, 2018


Dog Bamboozles McDonalds Customers Into Buying Her Burgers

Image via Facebook/Betsy Reyes   READ MORE

Oct 25, 2018


Snapchat Has Announced Face Filters for Cats

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Oct 15, 2018


Gecko Makes More Than a Dozen Phone Calls While Inside a Monk Seal Hospital

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Oct 10, 2018


Ohio Councilman Considers Jail Time for Owners of Barking Dogs

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Sep 27, 2018


Kangaroo on the Loose in Jupiter Farms, Florida, Surprises Residents

  Image via Greg Brave/   UPDATE: As of Thurdsay, Sept. 27, Storm the kangaroo has been located and caught.  READ MORE

Sep 26, 2018


Blind Dog Uses Seeing Eye Dog to Get Around

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Sep 25, 2018


5 Gray Squirrels Rescued After Tails Became Intertwined

  Image via Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Wisconsin Humane Society/Facebook   READ MORE

Sep 19, 2018


7,000 Insects, Spiders and Lizards Were Stolen From Philadelphia Museum

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Sep 11, 2018


This Apartment Complex in Denmark Only Allows Dog Owners to Live There

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Sep 10, 2018


Study Shows That Kids Prefer Owning Pet Rats Over Cat and Dogs

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Aug 29, 2018


Horse Turns Local Pet Store Into Regular Stomping Ground

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Aug 29, 2018


Condo Spends $2,500 on Dog DNA Tests to Trace Dog Poop to Guilty Owners

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Aug 24, 2018


Animal Crackers Box Gets a Revamp After PETA Petition

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Aug 22, 2018