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Web Helps Bangkok's Flood-hit Pets Find Relief

BANGKOK - When the floodwaters came up to her chin, Karuna Leuangleekpai knew she had to abandon her house on the outskirts of Bangkok. But she had no idea what to do with her seven dogs. READ MORE

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Watch Out For Fake Charities, Warns The Humane Society

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has a warning for tender-hearted Americans getting into the gifting spirit of the holidays: Watch out for Internet scammers playing on your weakness for animal welfare. READ MORE

Dec 02, 2011 / 0 comments is Looking for Your Inspirational Rescue Tales

LoLa spent the first five years of her life living in a puppy mill before she was rescued by volunteers at the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR). There she was diagnosed with severe dental disease and was suspected of being pregnant. The NMDR immediately took her into surgery, extracted... READ MORE

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Diabetes Foundation Donates Alert Dogs to Families in Need

Diabetes Friendly Foundation is a Dallas-based organization focused on improving the lives of people living with diabetes. It is having its second annual "K9s for Kids" benefit on November 19 during National Diabetes Awareness Month. READ MORE

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Foreign Vets Help Snake Hunt in Flood-hit Thailand

BANGKOK - Two vets from Singapore were to arrive in Bangkok on Tuesday to help capture snakes and other roaming reptiles in flood-stricken Thailand, a global zoo body said. READ MORE

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Unique Veterans Day "Tribute to War Both Ends of the Leash"

Capitol Hill and the American Humane Association hosted a "Tribute to War Heroes…at Both Ends of the Leash" on Monday, November 7. READ MORE

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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week Promotes Local Shelters

November 6–12 marks the 16th annual National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, a concept founded by The Humane Society of the United States in 1996. Celebrated each year during the first full week in November, The HSUS encourages pet lovers to support their local animal shelters... READ MORE

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Pup Crawl Raises Money and Awareness for Animal Shelters

On October 22, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and partnered up to sponsor the second Brooklyn Bridge Pup Crawl, in which 500 dogs marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City to raise money and awareness for local animal shelters and rescues.   READ MORE

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Dog That Saved Owner’s Life On 9/11 Honored with Award

A guide dog named Roselle won the top honor at the inaugural American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards on October 1st. Roselle, whose owner Michael Hingson is blind, guided him down 78 flights of stairs, away from the building and through the city to the house of a friend after... READ MORE

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Animal Shelters Seek Help After Hurricane Irene

It's been a month since Hurricane Irene touched down across the northeastern coast of the United States. The streets are no longer flooded, the power has been restored, and those homes destroyed by the hurricane are in a rebuilding process. But inside the animal shelters that were... READ MORE

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Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet Week: The Advantages of Adopting Older Pets

For new and potential pet owners, visiting an animal shelter to adopt a young  — and preferably housebroken — pet is the norm. Younger animals appear warmer, cuddlier, and more energetic than their aged comrades located in the adjacent kennels. However, what often... READ MORE

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'The Portraits That Were Never Pets'

For Mark Barone and Marina Dervan, there isn’t enough paint, nor enough brushes to explain the message, but they try nonetheless. Their exceptional exhibit, An Act of Dog, stands 10-feet high and spans the length of two football fields -- 5,500 framed portraits in all. Why so... READ MORE

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Coupon Website Helps Cat in Need

You may have never heard of, a website for one-of-a-kind coupons and deals, but recently it made one of its greatest achievements -- and it didn't include a coupon or a deal. READ MORE

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South African Rescuers Free Whale from Fishing Ropes

JOHANNESBURG - Rescuers in South Africa on Tuesday freed a humpback whale from fishing ropes off the shore of Olifantsbospunt, near Cape Town, an official said. READ MORE

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Battered by Tornadoes, Local Humane Societies Continue to Help Thousands of Pets

This story may begin in a Humane Society in Sioux City, Iowa, where over 70 pets are being placed under foster care. The doors of the shelters have stayed open in the wake of the catastrophes spawned by the incessant floods and tornadoes crossing state lines and time zones of America’s... READ MORE

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Shoe Company Fits Penguin with Life-Saving Sole

Teva, an adventure-footwear company, celebrates after fitting a Santa Barbara Zoo penguin with a custom shoe to compensate for his impaired foot. READ MORE

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Pilot Whales Stranded in Florida Keys, Volunteers Needed

Marine Mammal Conservancy (MMC), a Florida Keys rehabilitation center, is looking for volunteers to help save five pilot whales that have been stuck off the lower Florida Keys since late last week. READ MORE

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Pictures of Cat Injured by Arrow on Facebook Page Raises Money for Feral Felines

Carol Manos, operator of Carol’s Ferals, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based organization dedicated to sterilizing and finding homes for feral cats, learned earlier this week that a stray cat had been shot in the face with an arrow. What Manos did next may surprise you. READ MORE

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VCA Animal Hospitals Providing Free Pet Shelter in Disaster-Struck Areas

With the tornadoes, wildfires and flood disasters the United States is currently facing, many facilities and services have their hands full to capacity taking care of disaster victims. VCA Animal Hospitals have stepped up to lend a helping hand by offering free shelter to the pet... READ MORE

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Animal Welfare Organizations Provide Midwest Tornado Rescue Aid

The devastation caused by the tornado outbreak in the Midwestern United States last week mobilized some of the nation’s largest animal welfare organizations to action. READ MORE

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