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Stunning Mandarin Duck Appears in Central Park in New York City

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Nov 02, 2018


Local Cat Becomes Fixture at Harvard University

Image via Remy the Humanities Cat/Facebook   READ MORE

Oct 30, 2018


Couple’s Dog Broke Their Decade-Long Meth Addictions

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Oct 26, 2018


Cities and Counties Are Expanding Laws on Which Types of Pets Are Legal

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Oct 23, 2018


US Steals World Record From Scotland for Most Golden Retrievers in One Place

  Image via goldiepalooza/Instagram     READ MORE

Oct 17, 2018


This Labrador Retriever Can Help Find Lost Golf Balls

Image via Standard-Examiner/YouTube   READ MORE

Sep 12, 2018


Horses and Gymnastics Unite at the FEI World Equestrian Games

The world of horseback riding has a variety of different disciplines to compete in, from showjumping to barrel racing. There is also dressage, which is essentially a fancy term for horse dancing. READ MORE

Sep 10, 2018


Things were ‘Hoppening’ at the Crawford County Fair Rabbit Hopping Contest

Image via officialcrawfordcountyfairpa/Facebook READ MORE

Aug 27, 2018


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Adopt a Labrador

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Aug 27, 2018


ZSL London Zoo Has Their Annual Animal Weigh-In

Image via ZSL London Zoo/Facebook     READ MORE

Aug 24, 2018


Man Builds Cardboard Cat Castle as an Apology to His Cat

Image via billybrowne/YouTube     READ MORE

Aug 23, 2018


Minneapolis Company Offers “Fur-ternity” Leave for New Pet Owners

  Image via The Washington Insider/Facebook   READ MORE

Aug 22, 2018


Arizona Dog Is Screaming His Way to Internet Fame

Photo via mothescreamingstaffy/Instagram   READ MORE

Aug 14, 2018


You Can Adopt an Airport TSA Dog Who Failed Their Training

Image via otsphoto/Shutterstock   READ MORE

Aug 13, 2018


13 Narcotic Detection Dogs From Philippine DEA Up for Adoption

  Image via Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency/Facebook READ MORE

Aug 09, 2018


Celebrities Who Attended CatCon 2018

Photo via catconworldwide/Instagram   READ MORE

Aug 07, 2018