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Purina Introduces Revolutionary Cat Food That Reduces Cat Allergens

Science has finally found a way for some pet parents with sensitivities to cat allergens to live with their cats.   READ MORE

Apr 21, 2020


UK Charity Is Training Dogs to Smell COVID-19

Dogs have been humans’ best friends for thousands of years, but during this global pandemic, they could earn an even bigger title: lifesaver. READ MORE

Apr 07, 2020


Do Cats Love Their Owners? Study Says a Lot More Than You’d Expect

Cats are typically considered to be independent creatures that will seek attention on their own terms. READ MORE

Oct 21, 2019


Can Birds See Color? Science Says Better Than Humans

  Image via     READ MORE

Feb 04, 2019


Chinese Scientists Discover Oldest Animal Ever

  Image via     READ MORE

Jan 30, 2019


More Older Dogs Are Showing Signs of Dementia

  Image via     READ MORE

Jan 14, 2019


Third Bubonic Plague-Infected Cat Identified in Wyoming

  Image via by Adri     READ MORE

Jan 14, 2019


Study Finds That Horses Can Smell Human Fear

  Image via KAZLOVA     READ MORE

Jan 14, 2019


New Species of Giant Salamander Discovered in Florida

  Image via Facebook/Florida Wildlife Corridor via Pierson Hill READ MORE

Dec 17, 2018


Siberian Husky Detected Cancer on Her Owner Three Separate Times

  Image via Facebook/National Ovarian Cancer Coalition via Stephanie Herfel READ MORE

Dec 07, 2018


FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Noise Aversion in Dogs

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Dec 05, 2018