VIDEO: Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack

PetMD Editorial
Published: May 14, 2014
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Usually when we write about heroic animals, 9 times out of 10 the story is about a brave dog. Cats rarely throw themselves in harm’s way to save their human pet parents. But one cat in California risked its fur to save a young boy from a dog attack.

Erika Triantafilo told 23ABC that her son was playing in the driveway when a neighbor’s dog ran up behind him, pulled the child off his toy bicycle and began to bite his leg.

When Triantafilo saw the attack, she rushed over to save her son, but the family cat beat her to it.

The cat named Tara lunged and hurled herself through the air to rescue the boy from the dog. The dog was completely scared off by the cat’s heroic leap, and likely saved the boy from serious injuries.

According to the boy’s mother, her son needed a few stiches, but is recovering and doing just fine. The neighbor’s dog is under observation.

Check out the incredible video footage below