Veterinarian Performs Surgery on Wild Yellow Rat Snake to Remove Ping-Pong Ball

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 09, 2019
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Image via Facebook/Young’s Animal Hospital

During October of 2018, Young’s Animal Hospital in Titusville, Florida, was asked to lend a hand to a wild yellow rat snake that seemed to have swallowed some sort of foreign object.

Dr. Angela Bockelman didn’t hesitate and immediately began providing care for the emaciated snake—even though it was a wild snake and not a pet.

At first glance, it appears that the snake may have swallowed a golf ball. However, once the veterinarian began surgery and extracted the object, it became clear that it was a ping-pong ball.

According to Brevard Times, Dr. Bockelman explains, “We can assume the snake just thought it looked like an egg.”

Once the surgery was completed, the yellow rat snake was sent to Florida Wildlife Hospital to recuperate and heal. And after two months of care, veterinarians agreed it was time to let the lucky snake be released into the wild.

Dr. Bockelman used this moment to remind us of the ways that humans impact wildlife. Even something as small as a ping-pong ball can affect the life and livelihood of a wild animal.

She tells Brevard Times, “I know no one threw a ping-bong ball out hoping a snake would eat it. But we still impacted that animal, and I think it’s only reasonable we try to fix it.”

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