UK Company Offers A “Cat-Proof” Christmas Tree

PetMD Editorial
Published: November 29, 2018
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Anyone who owns a curious cat knows that when the holiday season rolls around and the Christmas decorations go up, they need to be aware of their cat’s safety—as well as the safety of fragile ornaments.

A company in the United Kingdom called Argos is hoping lend a helping hand by providing a Christmas tree option that will limit the feline potential for turning holiday decorations into their own cat toys.

Their “cat-proof” Christmas tree, pictured below, safeguards ornaments by essentially creating a Christmas umbrella you can decorate.

Argos Cat-proof christmas tree

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The 6-foot half-parasol Christmas tree allows cat owners to place ornaments higher up and out of a frisky feline’s reach. Cat parents can protect their more fragile Christmas tree ornaments without skimping on holiday spirit (although they may be skimping on tree branches).

Whoever said cats and Christmas trees can’t coexist, clearly underestimated human ingenuity.

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