Stray Dog Runs Impromptu Half-Marathon Alongside Runners, Earns Medal

PetMD Editorial
Published: July 31, 2018
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Image via ABC News/Facebook

Stray dog Stormy completed the Goldfields Pipeline Marathon in outback Western Australia from start to finish alongside human runners, earning him a well-deserved participation medal and the title of “very good dog.”

"This dog is walking around, making itself known to all the runners. We get the air horn out and say 'Go' and off he goes with everybody," says marathon volunteer coordinator Allison Hunter.

The half-marathon was over 13 miles long, and Stormy successfully passed through each checkpoint. Race organizer Grant Wholey tells ABC News Australia that the pup finished in two and a half hours, which matches the average of all the racers in the event.

Wholey went on to say that Stormy took great joy from socializing with the other runners. “He probably spent a fair bit of time at the different stations saying hello to everybody,” he tells the outlet.

According to the outlet, the stray pup was taken to an animal shelter by rangers before his big race was able to be validated by officials.

While Stormy was in the pound, both Hunter and Wholey visited Stormy to give him his belated award. “Allison and I went down to the rangers, gave him a medal and gave him more exposure so hopefully the owner might see,” Wholey tells ABC.

If the pup isn’t claimed by his owners in the next seven days, the pup will be up for adoption. The adoption fee will be at least $300, plus the cost of the microchip and registration.

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