Stray Dog Becomes Unofficial Mascot for the Milwaukee Brewers

PetMD Editorial
Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: February 25, 2014
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A stray dog found himself in a lucky situation when he wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers spring training camp in Phoenix, Arizona.

The lost pup showed up at the team’s training camp on Feb 17th  looking a little grubby and worn down. Staff members decided to post photos of the canine in an attempt to reunite him with his owner. Unfortunately, no one claimed the dog. Turns out he had already stolen the hearts of the players and staff, so they decided to keep the homeless dog.

According to the team’s blog, the canine was named Hank, after legendary Milwaukee Brewers player Hank Aaron.

Milwaukee Brewers

Hank was taken to the vet where he received his shots and a bath. He even got to spend a day at the Team Store where he received plenty of team gear and got his very own team jersey; a dog-sized jersey, of course. He now spends most the day roaming the offices and playing fields, greeting players and staff. He can also be seen on the field with the team during their workouts. At the end of day, the lucky pup goes home with different members of the organization.

Hank is now a valuable member of the team and is even being called the Brewers’ unofficial spring training mascot.

Image: #12 Martin Maldonado and Hank, Milwaukee Brewers Facebook page