Senior Dog Travels to Butcher Every Day for Years for Bone

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 22, 2019
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Image via Maddie Ford/Facebook

A 13-year-old dog named Fletcher in Australia has traveled to the same butcher shop every day for the past ten years.

The Daily Mail reports that Fletcher walks to Boutique Meats Kitchen in Brisbane to be fed a special treat—a lamb bone.

Nick Cowen, the shop’s owner, tells ABC 6 that Fletcher has been coming around since he was a puppy. "He wouldn't go so we gave him a bone, off he went and the next day he turned up again. Ten years later and he's still doing," Cowen tells the outlet.

Fletcher is also very particular about the type of bone he likes. According to the Daily Mail, the dog will return an hour later if he’s given a chicken bone.

Fletcher’s owner Maddie Ford knows about her pup’s adventures and even took a trip to the butcher herself when she noticed Fletcher gaining weight. “We used to give him big bones, see how bigger bones we could give him but then Maddie came over and said he was getting too fat,” Cowen tells 7 News.

While the senior dog has developed arthritis and is partially deaf, it hasn’t stopped him from making his daily trip to the butcher shop for his lamb bone.

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