“Runway Cat” Turns Istanbul Fashion Show Runway Into a Literal Catwalk

PetMD Editorial
Published: October 29, 2018
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Image via of hknylcn/Instagram

Fashion runways are a place to show off creative inventiveness, and they carry an air of seriousness to them. Models strut down the runway in the season’s newest trends, and the crowd, dressed in their best, snaps photos to share on social media.

But in Istanbul, Turkey, there was one unexpected guest that truly stole the show. With an agile grace and not-so-demure approach to fashion, this uninvited but completely welcome budding fashion star took control of the runway and commanded the audience’s attention.

Who is this future style icon? It is a fiercely fabulous feline who is now dubbed “Runway Cat.”

Video via YouTube/9 Gag

This fame-destined kitty made an immediate impact by taking the novel approach of preparing for the catwalk while already on it. This included unapologetic grooming with one leg high in the air.

Then the feline took cattitude to a whole new level by batting at and chasing the other models in full view of the audience, laying out the competitive, cutthroat atmosphere of the fashion world for all to see.

After bringing an artistic touch to the runway, this rising star began to walk the runway. He let out a fearsome meow to let everyone know that Runway Cat has arrived.

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