Ohio Councilman Considers Jail Time for Owners of Barking Dogs

PetMD Editorial
Published: September 27, 2018
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Photo via BoulderPhoto/Shutterstock.com

The city council in Akron, Ohio is considering an ordinance that allows jail time for pet owners whose dogs repeatedly disturb the neighborhood by continuously barking. 

Currently, a pet owner with a barking dog will receive a $100 fine, no matter how many times they are cited for their dog barking.

According to 13 WTHR, councilman Russ Neal has received dozens of calls about the barking problem in Akron, which Neal attributes to pet owners leaving their dogs outside while they’re at work.

To solve the issue, Neal is proposing that repeat offenders of the ordinance receive an increased fine of $250 for their second offense, as well as the possibility of spending 60 days in jail for continued offenses.

“What we want to see is a stiffer penalty so that repeat offenders of the ordinance will think twice before allowing the dog to continue to disturb the neighborhood,” Neal tells Fox 8.

The harshening of the penalties of breaking the ordinance is also hoped to free up the time of the city police. After hours, the police are responsible for responding to calls about dog barking, so less barking will allow them to spend more time addressing other, more urgent matters.

Neal tells 13 WTHR he plans to put together a citizen’s advisory council before passing the stiffer barking legislation.

“We’re just trying to find something that lets people know we’re serious about this,” Neal tells the outlet. “And no one is charged that fee right off the bat.”

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