Officially Name a Cockroach After Your Ex for Valentine’s Day

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By Kendall Curley    February 01, 2019 at 08:09PM


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Valentine’s Day is not always everyone’s favorite holiday. For some, it can be a reminder of the person that broke their heart.


Well, the Hemsley Conservation Centre, located in Fairseat, Kent in the United Kingdom, is offering a unique program that can help people feel a sense of revenge this Feb. 14. The program is called, “Name a Cockroach,” and for just 1.50 British pounds, you can name one of their cockroaches after your ex.



Social media has been quick to respond with a lot of support. People are posting their certificates on the original Facebook post with pride:


Name a Cockroach Programme Certificate

Image via Facebook/Hemsley Conversation Centre


The Hemsley Conservation Centre explains that the money from this program will go to support various projects around the zoo. They have also responded on their Facebook saying that on Valentine’s Day, they will post a picture of their updated name board for all their cockroaches.



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