Costa Rican Man Finds New Best Friend: A Crocodile

PetMD Editorial
Updated: January 31, 2011
Published: October 04, 2010
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There is much to be said about a man and his dog. There is even more to be said about a man and his pet crocodile -- a 980-pound pet crocodile!

After rehabilitating Poncho the crocodile from a gunshot wound to the eye nearly 20 years ago in Costa Rica, “Chito,” a local fisherman, tried to release it back into the wild. Apparently, Poncho had other plans. Their newfound bond was so strong that the reptile followed Chito back home and has been with him ever since.

Watch the MSNBC video below to see Chito and Poncho play and swim together for tourists. Chito confesses it took many years for him to feel safe with the enormous creature, but he is now able to roll around in the water with Poncho and have fun. Let's just hope we don't see Chito on the next When Animals Attack!

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