Serbian Capital Gets Ambulance Service for Cats and Dogs

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By AFP News    January 20, 2012 at 02:13PM

BELGRADE - The city of Belgrade introduced an ambulance service for injured cats and dogs on Thursday, the first step towards introducing a unit devoted to fighting cruelty against animals.

The ambulance unit will help injured animals, whether pets or strays, a statement from Belgrade City Hall said. Treatment for strays will be paid for by the city while pet owners would pay a fee.

Despite numerous campaigns by animal rights activists and opening of several city-run shelters, Belgrade, like many towns in Serbia, still suffers from a large population of stray dogs, whose numbers are estimated at up to 4,000.

The Balkan country has introduced strict laws against animal cruelty, but cases of violent mistreatment of dogs and cats are still frequent.


Image: Jonathan Davis / via Flickr

Source: AFP

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