Meet the World’s Largest Pet … Bailey D. Buffalo Jr.

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November 17, 2010
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One Canadian family has taken the stanza, “Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam…” to new levels by adopting a bison (more commonly known as a buffalo) as a house pet. The 1,600 pound, two-year-old North American bison, who goes by the name Bailey D. Buffalo Jr., is believed to be the world’s largest house pet – and he’s still growing!

His owners, Jim and Linda Sautner of Alberta, Canada, first achieved fame when they presented their first pet buffalo, Bailey D. Buffalo, to the public. Bailey was in movies, was featured on BBC and CNN, and even met Queen Elizabeth II. People were amazed that a creature with such brawn could be docile enough to take a place by the family hearth, and he had garnered a wide circle of friends before an accident led to his tragic death in 2008.

The Sautners were deeply saddened by the loss of their beloved pet, so when a friend offered them the opportunity to begin again with an orphaned newborn bison, the Sautners decided to take a chance in the hopes that they could build a relationship like the one they had shared with Bailey. And so far, Bailey Jr. has shown the same docility as that of his namesake, going for rides with Mr. Sautner in his convertible car, making public appearances at fairs, and hanging out in the family living room.


Of course, having a bison for a pet is not for just anyone. Mr. Sautner is a bona fide buffalo whisperer. Whoever said man’s best friend is a dog never met Jim and Bailey. A man and a buffalo: true friendship knows no bounds. 

Images courtesy of CNN iReport and the Bailey D. Buffalo Official Website

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