Germans Go Ga-Ga Over Cross-eyed Opposum

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 19, 2011
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If you happen to be into cross-eyed opossums, you're not alone. A rather quirky opossum at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany has become the country's sweetheart for her unique features, not least of which is her inability to look at you straight.

Heidi the opossum was brought to Germany from the U.S. with her sister in May. She became a public sensation after reporters from a German tabloid photographed her and other animals to publicize Gondwanaland, a newly themed area at the Leipzig Zoo.

Heidi has become so legendary in Germany that she even inspired a music video that has gone viral on YouTube (video after the jump).

To say that Heidi is the most popular animal in Western Europe since Paul the Octopus wowed us with his predictions for the 2010 World Cup would surely be an understatement. Now if only she could tell us who will battle it out at this year's Super Bowl.

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