Dog Poo Recycled Into Wi-Fi?

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Updated: May 26, 2015
Published: May 07, 2012
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We all know cleaning up our dog’s poop is the green thing to do, but did you ever think it could be recycled into Wi-Fi?

In an attempt to beautify 10 parks in Mexico City, Terra, a Mexican Internet provider, has partnered with advertising agency DDB to implement the Poo Wi-Fi program. The idea of this program is to encourage people to dispense of their dog’s feces in specified containers at the park. In exchange, park goers receive a certain amount of free Wi-Fi minutes.

According to, the system is activated when people throw away the collected poop in specially marked receptacles. The receptacle then calculates the weight of the dog poop, and Terra gives everyone in the park free Wi-Fi minutes. The more frequently poop is placed in the box, the more minutes Terra adds to the park-goers free Wi-Fi experience.

To prevent people from placing heavy objects rather than poop in the receptacle, since the number of minutes is determined by the weight of the dog poop, staff members of Terra will be standing by during the day to make sure rocks and other items are not counting towards the free Wi-Fi minutes.

This program seems to be a win for everyone involved – the dogs have relieved themselves, the dog owners have a place and good reason to dispose of the poop, the park goers receive free Wi-Fi, and Terra gets its name out there. The real test will be to see if those dog owners who usually refuse to pick up their dog’s poop will start now because of the reward incentive.

Green thinking is becoming the way of the future and with everyone plugged into the Internet these days, what better way to power it than by recycling the poop you have to clean up every day anyways? If your park had this program, would you be sure to pick up your dog’s poop so that everyone could receive free Wi-Fi?

 Image: Sue Robinson / via Shutterstock

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