Dogs Thought of as Thinking, Social Beings ... 7,000 Years Ago

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Published: March 02, 2011
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First a fox and now a dog. Experts have uncovered the 7000-year-old remains of a Husky-like dog in Siberia that was buried in the same ritualistic manner as humans, leading them to believe that the people of that society thought of their dogs — or at least this particular dog — as "thinking social being[s]."

"I think the act of treating it as a human upon its death indicates that people knew it had a soul, and that the mortuary rites it received were meant to ensure that this soul was properly cared for," said anthropologist Robert Losey of the University of Alberta to Discovery News.

The dog's skeletal remains show that it was a working dog and had been used to transport heavy loads, but it had also been given a very human burial.

"Just like the humans in the cemetery, the dog was buried with other items, (such as) a long spoon made of antler," said Losey.

Right about now your dog is looking at you with that Duh, I told you so sort of look.

Image: Jeffrey Beall / via Flickr

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