Dog Elected President of Virginia Civic Association

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Published: February 22, 2011
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A civic association in Annandale, VA. has accidentally elected a dog as president. According to reports, Bethea Lee, a Wheaten terrier that belongs to former president Mark Crawford, was elected president of the Hillbrook-Tall Oaks Civic Association at their annual meeting.

"She had a name," resident Robin Klein Browder told The Washington Post. "It wasn't Spot or Rover. Everyone thought she was human."

Until this is rectified, Bethea could very well enact several new bylaws -- such as mandatory bacon breakfasts, 30-minute daily walks, and 1-hour play sessions for dog-owning residents.

Also included in the meeting minutes were the election of Scrooge McDuck as treasurer, Alvin Chip Munk as chairperson, and Sasquatch Mcpherson as head of security.

Image (not Bethea Lee): Steve Kwan / via Flickr

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