Dog Understands More Than 1,000 Words, Still Can't Stop Chasing Own Tail

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Published: January 14, 2011
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Chaser, a border collie in South Carolina, has one of the biggest vocabulary in dog history, knowing the name of more than 1,000 objects.

John Pilley, an experimental psychology professor emeritus at Wofford College in South Carolina, and former student and current Wofford psychology proffer, Alliston Reid, spent three years teaching the black and white collie proper names for all the various objects. According to Pilley, they only stopped training due due to time constraints, not because the dog could not learn more names. The dog, it appears, has no upper limit.

Researchers say the ability to remember and discriminate between objects is clear evidence that Chaser has several capacities necessary for learning receptive human language. Now, if only if he could have helped this reporter out on his SATs.

See the video of Pilley and his dog genius after the jump.

Image courtesy of Wofford College

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