Blind Dog Led by a Companion, A Dog Herself

PetMD Editorial
Published: April 11, 2011
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A pair of Jack Russell terriers in the U.K. have taken friendship to a whole new level -- one acts as a sort of natural guide for the other.

After her furry friend Zak lost his eyes to an infection five years ago, Lily began bringing him along wherever she went. The pair have developed such a close bond that their handlers say Lily has almost become Zak's sense of sight. He sniffs and smells her and stays close to her so that he can tell which way to go.

Zak and Lily were given to a Blue Cross charity home in Tiverton, Devon when their owner moved to the U.S. Now they are looking for a new home. You can view Zak's Blue Cross adoption page, or contact the Blue Cross at 01884 855291.


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