Bangladesh Village Captivated by Dog-monkey Bond

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December 21, 2011
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DHAKA - A dog in remote northeastern Bangladesh has become a minor celebrity by breastfeeding a baby monkey back to health after it was rescued from angry villagers, the dog's owner told AFP Wednesday.

Scores of people have flocked to Shipar Reza's house in Bishwanathpur village to witness the unusual addition to the litter of his dog Mintu, who is also mother to seven puppies.

The baby monkey was just a few days old when villagers seized it from a troop of monkeys that had damaged a paddy rice field, said Reza, a British-Bangladeshi.

"The next day, the baby monkey joined the other puppies and began suckling with Mintu. Since then Mintu has adopted the abandoned monkey as her own baby.

It now sleeps with Mintu and other puppies," he told AFP.

"Mintu barks and reacts angrily if anyone disturbs the baby monkey, which travels around the village by riding on Mintu's back. It's now a month since I found the monkey, but she shows no sign of going back to the wild," he said.

Image: Str / via AFP

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